Audacity  2.2.2
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FFmpeg.cpp File Reference
#include "Audacity.h"
#include "FFmpeg.h"
#include "FileNames.h"
#include "Internat.h"
#include "widgets/HelpSystem.h"
#include "widgets/ErrorDialog.h"
#include <wx/file.h>
#include <wx/filedlg.h>
#include "Experimental.h"

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wxString GetFFmpegVersion (wxWindow *parent)

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Definition at line 18 of file FFmpeg.cpp.

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wxString GetFFmpegVersion ( wxWindow *  parent)

FFmpeg support may or may not be compiled in, but Preferences dialog requires this function nevertheless

Definition at line 35 of file FFmpeg.cpp.

Referenced by LibraryPrefs::SetFFmpegVersionText().

36 {
37  return wxString(_("FFmpeg support not compiled in"));
38 }
_("Move Track &Down")+wxT("\t")+(GetActiveProject() -> GetCommandManager() ->GetKeyFromName(wxT("TrackMoveDown"))), OnMoveTrack) POPUP_MENU_ITEM(OnMoveTopID, _("Move Track to &Top")+wxT("\t")+(GetActiveProject() ->GetCommandManager() ->GetKeyFromName(wxT("TrackMoveTop"))), OnMoveTrack) POPUP_MENU_ITEM(OnMoveBottomID, _("Move Track to &Bottom")+wxT("\t")+(GetActiveProject() ->GetCommandManager() ->GetKeyFromName(wxT("TrackMoveBottom"))), OnMoveTrack) void TrackMenuTable::OnSetName(wxCommandEvent &)