Audacity  2.2.0
LegacyBlockFile.h File Reference
#include <wx/string.h>
#include <wx/filename.h>
#include "../BlockFile.h"

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class  LegacyBlockFile
 Audacity 1.1.0 block file format: More...


void ComputeLegacySummaryInfo (const wxFileName &fileName, size_t summaryLen, sampleFormat format, SummaryInfo *info, bool noRMS, bool Silent, float *min, float *max, float *rms)

Function Documentation

void ComputeLegacySummaryInfo ( const wxFileName &  fileName,
size_t  summaryLen,
sampleFormat  format,
SummaryInfo info,
bool  noRMS,
bool  Silent,
float *  min,
float *  max,
float *  rms