Audacity  2.2.0
AEffect Class Reference

VST Effects class, conforming to VST layout. More...

#include <aeffectx.h>

Public Attributes

int magic
intptr_t(* dispatcher )(AEffect *, int, int, intptr_t, void *, float)
void(* process )(AEffect *, float **, float **, int)
void(* setParameter )(AEffect *, int, float)
float(* getParameter )(AEffect *, int)
int numPrograms
int numParams
int numInputs
int numOutputs
int flags
void * ptr1
void * ptr2
int initialDelay
int empty3a
int empty3b
float unkown_float
void * ptr3
void * user
int32_t uniqueID
int32_t version
void(* processReplacing )(AEffect *, float **, float **, int)

Detailed Description

VST Effects class, conforming to VST layout.

Member Data Documentation

intptr_t(* AEffect::dispatcher)(AEffect *, int, int, intptr_t, void *, float)
int AEffect::empty3a
int AEffect::empty3b
int AEffect::flags
float(* AEffect::getParameter)(AEffect *, int)
int AEffect::initialDelay
int AEffect::magic
int AEffect::numInputs
int AEffect::numOutputs
int AEffect::numParams
int AEffect::numPrograms
void(* AEffect::process)(AEffect *, float **, float **, int)
void(* AEffect::processReplacing)(AEffect *, float **, float **, int)
void* AEffect::ptr1
void* AEffect::ptr2
void* AEffect::ptr3
void(* AEffect::setParameter)(AEffect *, int, float)
int32_t AEffect::uniqueID
float AEffect::unkown_float
void* AEffect::user
int32_t AEffect::version

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