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ASlider Class Reference

ASlider is a custom slider, allowing for a slicker look and feel. More...

#include <ASlider.h>

Inheritance diagram for ASlider:


struct  Resetter

Public Member Functions

 ASlider (wxWindow *parent, wxWindowID id, const wxString &name, const wxPoint &pos, const wxSize &size, int style=FRAC_SLIDER, bool popup=true, bool canUseShift=true, float stepValue=STEP_CONTINUOUS, int orientation=wxHORIZONTAL)
virtual ~ASlider ()
bool AcceptsFocus () const override
bool AcceptsFocusFromKeyboard () const override
void SetFocusFromKbd () override
void GetScroll (float &line, float &page)
void SetScroll (float line, float page)
void SetToolTipTemplate (const wxString &tip)
float Get (bool convert=true)
void Set (float value)
void Increase (float steps)
void Decrease (float steps)
bool ShowDialog (wxPoint pos=wxPoint(-1,-1))
void SetSpeed (float speed)
void OnErase (wxEraseEvent &event)
void OnPaint (wxPaintEvent &event)
void OnSize (wxSizeEvent &event)
void OnMouseEvent (wxMouseEvent &event)
void OnCaptureLost (wxMouseCaptureLostEvent &event)
void OnKeyEvent (wxKeyEvent &event)
void OnSlider (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnSetFocus (wxFocusEvent &event)
void OnKillFocus (wxFocusEvent &event)
void OnTimer (wxTimerEvent &event)
bool Enable (bool enable=true)
bool IsEnabled () const

Static Public Member Functions

static TempAllowFocus TemporarilyAllowFocus ()

Protected Attributes

int mStyle

Private Types

using TempAllowFocus = std::unique_ptr< bool, Resetter >

Private Attributes

std::unique_ptr< LWSlidermLWSlider
bool mSliderIsFocused
wxTimer mTimer

Static Private Attributes

static bool s_AcceptsFocus { false }


class ASliderAx

Detailed Description

ASlider is a custom slider, allowing for a slicker look and feel.

It allows you to use images for the slider background and the thumb.

Member Typedef Documentation

using ASlider::TempAllowFocus = std::unique_ptr<bool, Resetter>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ASlider::ASlider ( wxWindow *  parent,
wxWindowID  id,
const wxString &  name,
const wxPoint &  pos,
const wxSize &  size,
int  style = FRAC_SLIDER,
bool  popup = true,
bool  canUseShift = true,
float  stepValue = STEP_CONTINUOUS,
int  orientation = wxHORIZONTAL 
ASlider::~ASlider ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool ASlider::AcceptsFocus ( ) const

References s_AcceptsFocus.

bool ASlider::AcceptsFocusFromKeyboard ( ) const
void ASlider::Decrease ( float  steps)
bool ASlider::Enable ( bool  enable = true)
void ASlider::GetScroll ( float &  line,
float &  page 

References mLWSlider.

void ASlider::Increase ( float  steps)
bool ASlider::IsEnabled ( ) const

References mLWSlider.

Referenced by MixerToolBar::SetToolTips().

void ASlider::OnCaptureLost ( wxMouseCaptureLostEvent &  event)

References mLWSlider.

void ASlider::OnErase ( wxEraseEvent &  event)
void ASlider::OnKeyEvent ( wxKeyEvent &  event)

References mLWSlider.

void ASlider::OnKillFocus ( wxFocusEvent &  event)

References mSliderIsFocused.

void ASlider::OnMouseEvent ( wxMouseEvent &  event)

References mLWSlider, and mTimer.

Referenced by MixerTrackSlider::OnMouseEvent().

void ASlider::OnPaint ( wxPaintEvent &  event)
void ASlider::OnSetFocus ( wxFocusEvent &  event)

References mSliderIsFocused.

void ASlider::OnSize ( wxSizeEvent &  event)

References mLWSlider.

void ASlider::OnSlider ( wxCommandEvent &  event)

References mLWSlider.

void ASlider::OnTimer ( wxTimerEvent &  event)

References mLWSlider.

void ASlider::SetFocusFromKbd ( )
void ASlider::SetScroll ( float  line,
float  page 
void ASlider::SetSpeed ( float  speed)

References mLWSlider.

void ASlider::SetToolTipTemplate ( const wxString &  tip)

References mLWSlider.

Referenced by MixerToolBar::SetToolTips().

bool ASlider::ShowDialog ( wxPoint  pos = wxPoint(-1, -1))
auto ASlider::TemporarilyAllowFocus ( )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ASliderAx

Member Data Documentation

bool ASlider::mSliderIsFocused

Referenced by OnKillFocus(), OnPaint(), and OnSetFocus().

int ASlider::mStyle
wxTimer ASlider::mTimer

Referenced by OnMouseEvent().

bool ASlider::s_AcceptsFocus { false }

Referenced by AcceptsFocus().

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