Audacity  2.2.0
AudacityException Class Referenceabstract

root of a hierarchy of classes that are thrown and caught by Audacity. More...

#include <AudacityException.h>

Inheritance diagram for AudacityException:
MessageBoxException UserException FileException InconsistencyException SimpleMessageBoxException NotYetAvailableException

Public Member Functions

 AudacityException ()
virtual ~AudacityException ()=0
virtual std::unique_ptr
< AudacityException
Move ()=0
virtual void DelayedHandlerAction ()=0

Protected Member Functions

 AudacityException (AudacityException &&)
 AudacityException (const AudacityException &)=default
AudacityExceptionoperator= (AudacityException &&)
AudacityExceptionoperator= (const AudacityException &) PROHIBITED

Detailed Description

root of a hierarchy of classes that are thrown and caught by Audacity.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AudacityException::AudacityException ( )
AudacityException::~AudacityException ( )
pure virtual
AudacityException::AudacityException ( AudacityException &&  )
AudacityException::AudacityException ( const AudacityException )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void AudacityException::DelayedHandlerAction ( )
pure virtual
virtual std::unique_ptr< AudacityException > AudacityException::Move ( )
pure virtual
AudacityException& AudacityException::operator= ( AudacityException &&  )
AudacityException& AudacityException::operator= ( const AudacityException )

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