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CommandBuilder Class Reference

A type of factory for Commands of various sorts. More...

#include <CommandBuilder.h>

Public Member Functions

 CommandBuilder (const wxString &cmdString)
 CommandBuilder (const wxString &cmdName, const wxString &cmdParams)
 ~CommandBuilder ()
bool WasValid ()
CommandHolder GetCommand ()
const wxString & GetErrorMessage ()

Private Member Functions

void Failure (const wxString &msg=wxEmptyString)
void Success (const CommandHolder &cmd)
void BuildCommand (const wxString &cmdName, const wxString &cmdParams)
void BuildCommand (const wxString &cmdString)

Private Attributes

bool mValid
CommandHolder mCommand
wxString mError

Detailed Description

A type of factory for Commands of various sorts.

CommandBuilder has the task of deciding what command is meant by a given command string, and producing a suitable command object. For now, it doesn't actually do any processing - it just passes everything on to the BatchCommand system by constructing BatchCommandEval objects.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CommandBuilder::CommandBuilder ( const wxString &  cmdString)

References BuildCommand().

CommandBuilder::CommandBuilder ( const wxString &  cmdName,
const wxString &  cmdParams 

References BuildCommand().

CommandBuilder::~CommandBuilder ( )

Member Function Documentation

void CommandBuilder::BuildCommand ( const wxString &  cmdString)
void CommandBuilder::Failure ( const wxString &  msg = wxEmptyString)

References mError, and mValid.

Referenced by BuildCommand().

CommandHolder CommandBuilder::GetCommand ( )

References mCommand, and mValid.

Referenced by ExecCommand().

const wxString & CommandBuilder::GetErrorMessage ( )

References mError.

Referenced by ExecCommand().

void CommandBuilder::Success ( const CommandHolder cmd)

References mCommand, and mValid.

Referenced by BuildCommand().

bool CommandBuilder::WasValid ( )

References mValid.

Referenced by ExecCommand().

Member Data Documentation

CommandHolder CommandBuilder::mCommand

Referenced by BuildCommand(), GetCommand(), and Success().

wxString CommandBuilder::mError
bool CommandBuilder::mValid

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