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DeviceToolBar Class Referencefinal

A toobar to allow easier changing of input and output devices . More...

#include <DeviceToolBar.h>

Inheritance diagram for DeviceToolBar:
ToolBar wxTabTraversalWrapper< Base >

Public Member Functions

 DeviceToolBar ()
 Methods for DeviceToolBar. More...
virtual ~DeviceToolBar ()
void Create (wxWindow *parent) override
void UpdatePrefs () override
void DeinitChildren ()
void Populate () override
void Repaint (wxDC *WXUNUSED(dc)) override
void EnableDisableButtons () override
bool Layout () override
void OnFocus (wxFocusEvent &event)
void OnCaptureKey (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnChoice (wxCommandEvent &event)
int GetInitialWidth () override
int GetMinToolbarWidth () override
void ShowInputDialog ()
void ShowOutputDialog ()
void ShowHostDialog ()
void ShowChannelsDialog ()
void RefillCombos ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ToolBar
 ToolBar (int type, const wxString &label, const wxString &section, bool resizable=false)
virtual ~ToolBar ()
bool AcceptsFocus () const override
virtual void ReCreateButtons ()
int GetType ()
wxString GetTitle ()
wxString GetLabel ()
wxString GetSection ()
ToolDockGetDock ()
void SetLabel (const wxString &label)
void SetDock (ToolDock *dock)
void SetDocked (ToolDock *dock, bool pushed)
virtual bool Expose (bool show=true)
bool IsResizable () const
bool IsVisible () const
bool IsDocked () const
bool IsPositioned ()
void SetVisible (bool bVisible)
void SetPositioned ()
virtual wxSize GetDockedSize ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxTabTraversalWrapper< Base >
template<typename... Args>
 wxTabTraversalWrapper (Args &&...args)
 ~wxTabTraversalWrapper ()

Private Member Functions

int ChangeHost ()
void ChangeDevice (bool isInput)
void FillHosts ()
void FillHostDevices ()
void FillInputChannels ()
void SetDevices (const DeviceSourceMap *in, const DeviceSourceMap *out)
void RepositionCombos ()
void SetNames ()
void RegenerateTooltips () override
void ShowComboDialog (wxChoice *combo, const wxString &title)

Private Attributes

wxChoice * mInput
wxChoice * mOutput
wxChoice * mInputChannels
wxChoice * mHost

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ToolBar
using Holder = Destroy_ptr< ToolBar >
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ToolBar
static AButtonMakeButton (wxWindow *parent, teBmps eUp, teBmps eDown, teBmps eHilite, teBmps eDownHi, teBmps eStandardUp, teBmps eStandardDown, teBmps eDisabled, wxWindowID id, wxPoint placement, bool processdownevents, wxSize size)
static void MakeAlternateImages (AButton &button, int idx, teBmps eUp, teBmps eDown, teBmps eHilite, teBmps eDownHi, teBmps eStandardUp, teBmps eStandardDown, teBmps eDisabled, wxSize size)
static void SetButtonToolTip (AButton &button, const std::vector< wxString > &commands)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ToolBar
void SetButton (bool down, AButton *button)
void MakeMacRecoloredImage (teBmps eBmpOut, teBmps eBmpIn)
void MakeRecoloredImage (teBmps eBmpOut, teBmps eBmpIn)
void MakeButtonBackgroundsLarge ()
void MakeButtonBackgroundsSmall ()
wxBoxSizer * GetSizer ()
void Add (wxWindow *window, int proportion=0, int flag=wxALIGN_TOP, int border=0, wxObject *userData=NULL)
void Add (wxSizer *sizer, int proportion=0, int flag=0, int border=0, wxObject *userData=NULL)
void Add (int width, int height, int proportion=0, int flag=0, int border=0, wxObject *userData=NULL)
void AddSpacer (int size=14)
void AddStretchSpacer (int prop=1)
void Detach (wxWindow *window)
void Detach (wxSizer *sizer)
void Updated ()
int GetResizeGrabberWidth ()
 Returns the width in pixels of the resizer element. More...
virtual void Repaint (wxDC *dc)=0
void OnErase (wxEraseEvent &event)
void OnPaint (wxPaintEvent &event)
void OnMouseEvents (wxMouseEvent &event)
- Protected Attributes inherited from ToolBar
wxString mLabel
wxString mSection
int mType

Detailed Description

A toobar to allow easier changing of input and output devices .

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DeviceToolBar::DeviceToolBar ( )

Methods for DeviceToolBar.

DeviceToolBar::~DeviceToolBar ( )

Member Function Documentation

int DeviceToolBar::ChangeHost ( )

References FillHostDevices(), gPrefs, and mHost.

Referenced by OnChoice().

void DeviceToolBar::Create ( wxWindow *  parent)

Reimplemented from ToolBar.

References ToolBar::Create().

void DeviceToolBar::DeinitChildren ( )

References mHost, mInput, mInputChannels, and mOutput.

Referenced by Populate().

void DeviceToolBar::EnableDisableButtons ( )
void DeviceToolBar::FillHosts ( )
void DeviceToolBar::FillInputChannels ( )
int DeviceToolBar::GetInitialWidth ( )

When the prefs don't exist this value is used. It should be small enough to work on tiny screens

Reimplemented from ToolBar.

int DeviceToolBar::GetMinToolbarWidth ( )

Reimplemented from ToolBar.

bool DeviceToolBar::Layout ( )

References RepositionCombos().

Referenced by UpdatePrefs().

void DeviceToolBar::OnCaptureKey ( wxCommandEvent &  event)

References mInput, and mOutput.

void DeviceToolBar::OnFocus ( wxFocusEvent &  event)
void DeviceToolBar::Populate ( )
void DeviceToolBar::RefillCombos ( )
void DeviceToolBar::RegenerateTooltips ( )

Implements ToolBar.

References mHost, mInput, mInputChannels, mOutput, and SetNames().

Referenced by UpdatePrefs().

void DeviceToolBar::Repaint ( wxDC *  WXUNUSEDdc)
void DeviceToolBar::SetNames ( )

References _(), mHost, mInput, mInputChannels, and mOutput.

Referenced by Populate(), and RegenerateTooltips().

void DeviceToolBar::ShowChannelsDialog ( )
void DeviceToolBar::ShowHostDialog ( )

References _(), mHost, and ShowComboDialog().

Referenced by AudacityProject::OnAudioHost().

void DeviceToolBar::ShowInputDialog ( )
void DeviceToolBar::ShowOutputDialog ( )

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