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Generator Class Referenceabstract

#include <Generator.h>

Inheritance diagram for Generator:
Effect BlockGenerator EffectSilence

Public Member Functions

 Generator ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Effect
 Effect ()
virtual ~Effect ()
wxString GetPath () override
wxString GetSymbol () override
wxString GetName () override
wxString GetVendor () override
wxString GetVersion () override
wxString GetDescription () override
EffectType GetType () override
wxString GetFamily () override
bool IsInteractive () override
bool IsDefault () override
bool IsLegacy () override
bool SupportsRealtime () override
bool SupportsAutomation () override
bool SetHost (EffectHostInterface *host) override
unsigned GetAudioInCount () override
unsigned GetAudioOutCount () override
int GetMidiInCount () override
int GetMidiOutCount () override
sampleCount GetLatency () override
size_t GetTailSize () override
void SetSampleRate (double rate) override
size_t SetBlockSize (size_t maxBlockSize) override
bool IsReady () override
bool ProcessInitialize (sampleCount totalLen, ChannelNames chanMap=NULL) override
bool ProcessFinalize () override
size_t ProcessBlock (float **inBlock, float **outBlock, size_t blockLen) override
bool RealtimeInitialize () override
bool RealtimeAddProcessor (unsigned numChannels, float sampleRate) override
bool RealtimeFinalize () override
bool RealtimeSuspend () override
bool RealtimeResume () override
bool RealtimeProcessStart () override
size_t RealtimeProcess (int group, float **inbuf, float **outbuf, size_t numSamples) override
bool RealtimeProcessEnd () override
bool ShowInterface (wxWindow *parent, bool forceModal=false) override
bool GetAutomationParameters (EffectAutomationParameters &parms) override
bool SetAutomationParameters (EffectAutomationParameters &parms) override
bool LoadUserPreset (const wxString &name) override
bool SaveUserPreset (const wxString &name) override
wxArrayString GetFactoryPresets () override
bool LoadFactoryPreset (int id) override
bool LoadFactoryDefaults () override
void SetHostUI (EffectUIHostInterface *host) override
bool PopulateUI (wxWindow *parent) override
bool IsGraphicalUI () override
bool ValidateUI () override
bool HideUI () override
bool CloseUI () override
bool CanExportPresets () override
void ExportPresets () override
void ImportPresets () override
bool HasOptions () override
void ShowOptions () override
double GetDefaultDuration () override
double GetDuration () override
wxString GetDurationFormat () override
virtual wxString GetSelectionFormat ()
void SetDuration (double duration) override
bool Apply () override
void Preview () override
wxDialog * CreateUI (wxWindow *parent, EffectUIClientInterface *client) override
wxString GetUserPresetsGroup (const wxString &name) override
wxString GetCurrentSettingsGroup () override
wxString GetFactoryDefaultsGroup () override
virtual wxString GetSavedStateGroup ()
bool HasSharedConfigGroup (const wxString &group) override
bool GetSharedConfigSubgroups (const wxString &group, wxArrayString &subgroups) override
bool GetSharedConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key, wxString &value, const wxString &defval=wxEmptyString) override
bool GetSharedConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key, int &value, int defval=0) override
bool GetSharedConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key, bool &value, bool defval=false) override
bool GetSharedConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key, float &value, float defval=0.0) override
bool GetSharedConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key, double &value, double defval=0.0) override
bool SetSharedConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key, const wxString &value) override
bool SetSharedConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key, const int &value) override
bool SetSharedConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key, const bool &value) override
bool SetSharedConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key, const float &value) override
bool SetSharedConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key, const double &value) override
bool RemoveSharedConfigSubgroup (const wxString &group) override
bool RemoveSharedConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key) override
bool HasPrivateConfigGroup (const wxString &group) override
bool GetPrivateConfigSubgroups (const wxString &group, wxArrayString &subgroups) override
bool GetPrivateConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key, wxString &value, const wxString &defval=wxEmptyString) override
bool GetPrivateConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key, int &value, int defval=0) override
bool GetPrivateConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key, bool &value, bool defval=false) override
bool GetPrivateConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key, float &value, float defval=0.0) override
bool GetPrivateConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key, double &value, double defval=0.0) override
bool SetPrivateConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key, const wxString &value) override
bool SetPrivateConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key, const int &value) override
bool SetPrivateConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key, const bool &value) override
bool SetPrivateConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key, const float &value) override
bool SetPrivateConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key, const double &value) override
bool RemovePrivateConfigSubgroup (const wxString &group) override
bool RemovePrivateConfig (const wxString &group, const wxString &key) override
virtual PluginID GetID ()
virtual bool Startup (EffectClientInterface *client)
virtual bool Startup ()
virtual bool GetAutomationParameters (wxString &parms)
virtual bool SetAutomationParameters (const wxString &parms)
virtual wxArrayString GetUserPresets ()
virtual bool HasCurrentSettings ()
virtual bool HasFactoryDefaults ()
virtual wxString GetPreset (wxWindow *parent, const wxString &parms)
virtual wxString ManualPage ()
virtual wxString HelpPage ()
virtual bool IsBatchProcessing ()
virtual void SetBatchProcessing (bool start)
void SetPresetParameters (const wxArrayString *Names, const wxArrayString *Values)
bool DoEffect (wxWindow *parent, double projectRate, TrackList *list, TrackFactory *factory, SelectedRegion *selectedRegion, bool shouldPrompt=true)
bool Delegate (Effect &delegate, wxWindow *parent, SelectedRegion *selectedRegion, bool shouldPrompt)
bool RealtimeAddProcessor (int group, unsigned chans, float rate)
size_t RealtimeProcess (int group, unsigned chans, float **inbuf, float **outbuf, size_t numSamples)
bool IsRealtimeActive ()
virtual bool IsHidden ()
int MessageBox (const wxString &message, long style=DefaultMessageBoxStyle, const wxString &titleStr=wxString{})

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool GenerateTrack (WaveTrack *tmp, const WaveTrack &track, int ntrack)=0
bool Init () override
virtual void BeforeGenerate ()
virtual void BeforeTrack (const WaveTrack &WXUNUSED(track))
virtual void Success ()
virtual void Failure ()
bool Process () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Effect
virtual bool PromptUser (wxWindow *parent)
virtual bool CheckWhetherSkipEffect ()
virtual bool ProcessPass ()
virtual bool InitPass1 ()
virtual bool InitPass2 ()
virtual int GetPass ()
virtual void End ()
virtual double CalcPreviewInputLength (double previewLength)
virtual void Preview (bool dryOnly)
virtual void PopulateOrExchange (ShuttleGui &S)
virtual bool TransferDataToWindow ()
virtual bool TransferDataFromWindow ()
virtual bool EnableApply (bool enable=true)
virtual bool EnablePreview (bool enable=true)
virtual void EnableDebug (bool enable=true)
bool TotalProgress (double frac)
bool TrackProgress (int whichTrack, double frac, const wxString &=wxEmptyString)
bool TrackGroupProgress (int whichGroup, double frac, const wxString &=wxEmptyString)
int GetNumWaveTracks ()
int GetNumWaveGroups ()
void GetSamples (const WaveTrack *track, sampleCount *start, sampleCount *len)
void SetLinearEffectFlag (bool linearEffectFlag)
void SetPreviewFullSelectionFlag (bool previewDurationFlag)
bool IsPreviewing ()
void IncludeNotSelectedPreviewTracks (bool includeNotSelected)
void CopyInputTracks ()
void CopyInputTracks (int trackType)
< AddedAnalysisTrack
AddAnalysisTrack (const wxString &name=wxString())
ModifiedAnalysisTrack ModifyAnalysisTrack (const LabelTrack *pOrigTrack, const wxString &name=wxString())
void ReplaceProcessedTracks (const bool bGoodResult)
TrackAddToOutputTracks (std::unique_ptr< Track > &&t)
TrackListinputTracks () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Effect
enum  : long { DefaultMessageBoxStyle = wxOK | wxCENTRE }
- Protected Attributes inherited from Effect
double mProjectRate
double mSampleRate
std::shared_ptr< TrackListmOutputTracks
double mT0
double mT1
double mF0
double mF1
wxArrayString mPresetNames
wxArrayString mPresetValues
int mPass
wxDialog * mUIDialog
wxWindow * mUIParent
int mUIResultID
sampleCount mSampleCnt
int mOutputTracksType

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file Generator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Generator::Generator ( )

Definition at line 27 of file Generator.h.

27 { }

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Generator::BeforeGenerate ( )

Definition at line 41 of file Generator.h.

Referenced by Process().

41 { };
virtual void Generator::BeforeTrack ( const WaveTrack WXUNUSEDtrack)

Definition at line 42 of file Generator.h.

Referenced by Process().

42 { };
virtual void Generator::Failure ( )

Definition at line 47 of file Generator.h.

Referenced by Process().

47 {};
virtual bool Generator::GenerateTrack ( WaveTrack tmp,
const WaveTrack track,
int  ntrack 
protectedpure virtual

Implemented in BlockGenerator, and EffectSilence.

Referenced by Process().

bool Generator::Init ( )

Reimplemented from Effect.

Definition at line 37 of file Generator.h.

37 { return true; }
bool Generator::Process ( )

Reimplemented from Effect.

Definition at line 28 of file Generator.cpp.

References _(), Track::All, BeforeGenerate(), BeforeTrack(), WaveTrack::Clear(), WaveTrack::ClearAndPaste(), Effect::CopyInputTracks(), Failure(), GenerateTrack(), GetActiveProject(), Effect::GetDuration(), WaveTrack::GetRate(), WaveTrack::GetSampleFormat(), AudacityProject::GetSel0(), AudacityProject::GetSel1(), gPrefs, WaveTrack::IsEmpty(), Effect::MessageBox(), Effect::mFactory, Effect::mOutputTracks, Effect::mT0, Effect::mT1, TrackFactory::NewWaveTrack(), Effect::ReplaceProcessedTracks(), Success(), and Track::Wave.

29 {
30  if (GetDuration() < 0.0)
31  return false;
34  // Set up mOutputTracks.
35  // This effect needs Track::All for sync-lock grouping.
38  // Iterate over the tracks
39  bool bGoodResult = true;
40  int ntrack = 0;
41  TrackListIterator iter(mOutputTracks.get());
42  Track* t = iter.First();
44  while (t != NULL)
45  {
46  if (t->GetKind() == Track::Wave && t->GetSelected()) {
47  WaveTrack* track = (WaveTrack*)t;
49  bool editClipCanMove;
50  gPrefs->Read(wxT("/GUI/EditClipCanMove"), &editClipCanMove, true);
52  //if we can't move clips, and we're generating into an empty space,
53  //make sure there's room.
54  if (!editClipCanMove &&
55  track->IsEmpty(mT0, mT1+1.0/track->GetRate()) &&
56  !track->IsEmpty(mT0, mT0+GetDuration()-(mT1-mT0)-1.0/track->GetRate()))
57  {
59  _("There is not enough room available to generate the audio"),
60  wxICON_STOP,
61  _("Error"));
62  Failure();
63  return false;
64  }
66  if (GetDuration() > 0.0)
67  {
69  // Create a temporary track
72  track->GetRate())
73  );
74  BeforeTrack(*track);
77  // Fill it with data
78  if (!GenerateTrack(&*tmp, *track, ntrack))
79  bGoodResult = false;
80  else {
81  // Transfer the data from the temporary track to the actual one
82  tmp->Flush();
83  StepTimeWarper warper{
85  track->ClearAndPaste(
86  p->GetSel0(), p->GetSel1(), &*tmp, true, false, &warper);
87  }
89  if (!bGoodResult) {
90  Failure();
91  return false;
92  }
93  }
94  else
95  {
96  // If the duration is zero, there's no need to actually
97  // generate anything
98  track->Clear(mT0, mT1);
99  }
101  ntrack++;
102  }
103  else if (t->IsSyncLockSelected()) {
104  t->SyncLockAdjust(mT1, mT0 + GetDuration());
105  }
106  // Move on to the next track
107  t = iter.Next();
108  }
110  Success();
112  this->ReplaceProcessedTracks(bGoodResult);
114  mT1 = mT0 + GetDuration(); // Update selection.
116  return true;
117 }
Like identity but with a jump.
Definition: TimeWarper.h:180
double mT1
Definition: Effect.h:460
int MessageBox(const wxString &message, long style=DefaultMessageBoxStyle, const wxString &titleStr=wxString{})
Definition: Effect.cpp:2655
double GetSel0() const
Definition: Project.h:189
virtual void BeforeGenerate()
Definition: Generator.h:41
double GetDuration() override
Definition: Effect.cpp:737
void CopyInputTracks()
Definition: Effect.cpp:2029
void ReplaceProcessedTracks(const bool bGoodResult)
Definition: Effect.cpp:2160
void ClearAndPaste(double t0, double t1, const Track *src, bool preserve=true, bool merge=true, const TimeWarper *effectWarper=NULL)
Definition: WaveTrack.cpp:759
void Clear(double t0, double t1) override
Definition: WaveTrack.cpp:672
AudacityProject provides the main window, with tools and tracks contained within it.
Definition: Project.h:161
wxFileConfig * gPrefs
Definition: Prefs.cpp:72
std::unique_ptr< WaveTrack > Holder
Definition: WaveTrack.h:84
A Track that contains audio waveform data.
Definition: WaveTrack.h:60
Fundamental data object of Audacity, placed in the TrackPanel. Classes derived form it include the Wa...
Definition: Track.h:67
virtual bool GenerateTrack(WaveTrack *tmp, const WaveTrack &track, int ntrack)=0
virtual void Success()
Definition: Generator.h:46
std::unique_ptr< WaveTrack > NewWaveTrack(sampleFormat format=(sampleFormat) 0, double rate=0)
Definition: WaveTrack.cpp:78
An iterator for a TrackList.
Definition: Track.h:339
_("Move Track &Down")+wxT("\t")+(GetActiveProject() -> GetCommandManager() ->GetKeyFromName(wxT("TrackMoveDown"))), OnMoveTrack) POPUP_MENU_ITEM(OnMoveTopID, _("Move Track to &Top")+wxT("\t")+(GetActiveProject() ->GetCommandManager() ->GetKeyFromName(wxT("TrackMoveTop"))), OnMoveTrack) POPUP_MENU_ITEM(OnMoveBottomID, _("Move Track to &Bottom")+wxT("\t")+(GetActiveProject() ->GetCommandManager() ->GetKeyFromName(wxT("TrackMoveBottom"))), OnMoveTrack) void TrackMenuTable::OnSetName(wxCommandEvent &)
virtual void Failure()
Definition: Generator.h:47
TrackFactory * mFactory
Definition: Effect.h:456
AUDACITY_DLL_API AudacityProject * GetActiveProject()
Definition: Project.cpp:302
sampleFormat GetSampleFormat() const
Definition: WaveTrack.h:140
double GetRate() const
Definition: WaveTrack.cpp:397
double GetSel1() const
Definition: Project.h:190
virtual void BeforeTrack(const WaveTrack &WXUNUSED(track))
Definition: Generator.h:42
bool IsEmpty(double t0, double t1) const
Returns true if there are no WaveClips in the specified region.
Definition: WaveTrack.cpp:489
std::shared_ptr< TrackList > mOutputTracks
Definition: Effect.h:458
double mT0
Definition: Effect.h:459
virtual void Generator::Success ( )

Definition at line 46 of file Generator.h.

Referenced by Process().

46 { };

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