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IntValidator Class Referencefinal

Parameter must be integral. More...

#include <Validators.h>

Inheritance diagram for IntValidator:

Public Member Functions

bool Validate (const wxVariant &v) override
 Judge whether the passed value satisfies the Validator. More...
wxString GetDescription () const override
Holder GetClone () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Validator
 Validator ()
virtual ~Validator ()
void SetConverted (const wxVariant &v)
const wxVariant & GetConverted ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Validator
using Holder = std::unique_ptr< Validator >
 This MUST be overridden, to avoid slicing! More...

Detailed Description

Parameter must be integral.

Member Function Documentation

Holder IntValidator::GetClone ( ) const

Implements Validator.

wxString IntValidator::GetDescription ( ) const

Return a description (for error messages) should be of the form 'v must be $description'

Reimplemented from Validator.

bool IntValidator::Validate ( const wxVariant &  v)

Judge whether the passed value satisfies the Validator.

Reimplemented from Validator.

References Validator::GetConverted(), and Validator::SetConverted().

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