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An ImportFileHandle for LOF data. More...

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Public Member Functions

 LOFImportFileHandle (const wxString &name, std::unique_ptr< wxTextFile > &&file)
 ~LOFImportFileHandle ()
wxString GetFileDescription () override
ByteCount GetFileUncompressedBytes () override
ProgressResult Import (TrackFactory *trackFactory, TrackHolders &outTracks, Tags *tags) override
wxInt32 GetStreamCount () override
const wxArrayString & GetStreamInfo () override
void SetStreamUsage (wxInt32 WXUNUSED(StreamID), bool WXUNUSED(Use)) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from ImportFileHandle
 ImportFileHandle (const wxString &filename)
virtual ~ImportFileHandle ()
void CreateProgress ()
virtual void SetStreamUsage (wxInt32 StreamID, bool Use)=0

Private Member Functions

void lofOpenFiles (wxString *ln)
 Processes a single line from a LOF text file, doing whatever is indicated on the line. More...
void doDurationAndScrollOffset ()

Private Attributes

std::unique_ptr< wxTextFile > mTextFile
wxFileName mLOFFileName
AudacityProjectmProject { GetActiveProject() }
bool windowCalledOnce { false }
bool callDurationFactor { false }
double durationFactor { 1 }
bool callScrollOffset { false }
double scrollOffset { 0 }

Additional Inherited Members

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using ByteCount = unsigned long long
- Protected Attributes inherited from ImportFileHandle
wxString mFilename
Maybe< ProgressDialogmProgress

Detailed Description

An ImportFileHandle for LOF data.

Supports the opening of ".lof" files which are text files that contain a list of individual files to open in audacity in specific formats. Files may be file names (in the same directory as the LOF file), absolute paths or relative paths relative to the directory of the LOF file.

(In BNF) The syntax for an LOF file, denoted by <lof>:

  <lof> ::= [<window> | <file> | <#>]*
  <window> ::= window [<window-parameter>]* <newline>
  <window-parameter> ::= offset <time> | duration <time>
  <time> ::= [<digit>]+ [ . [<digit>]* ]
  <file> ::= file [<file-parameter>]* <newline>
  <file-parameter> ::= offset <time>
  <#> ::= <comment> <newline>


  # everything following the hash character is ignored
  window # an initial window command is implicit and optional
  file "C:\folder1\sample1.wav"    # sample1.wav is displayed
  file "C:\sample2.wav" offset 5   # sample2 is displayed with a 5s offset
  File "C:\sample3.wav"            # sample3 is displayed with no offset
  File "foo.aiff" # foo is loaded from the same directory as the LOF file
  window offset 5 duration 10      # open a NEW window, zoom to display
  # 10 seconds total starting at 5 (ending at 15) seconds
  file "C:\sample3.wav" offset 2.5


There are two commands: "window" creates a NEW window, and "file" appends a track to the current window and displays the file there. The first file is always placed in a NEW window, whether or not an initial "window" command is given.

Commands have optional keyword parameters that may be listed in any order. A parameter should only occur once per command. The "offset" parameter specifies a time offset. For windows, this is the leftmost time displayed in the window. For files, the offset is an amount by which the file is shifted in time before display (only enabled for audio; not midi). The offset is specified as an integer or decimal number of seconds, and the default value is zero.

Windows may also have a "duration" parameter, which specifies how much time should be displayed in the window. The default duration is equal to the duration of the longest track currently displayed.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LOFImportFileHandle::LOFImportFileHandle ( const wxString &  name,
std::unique_ptr< wxTextFile > &&  file 
LOFImportFileHandle::~LOFImportFileHandle ( )

Member Function Documentation

wxString LOFImportFileHandle::GetFileDescription ( )

Implements ImportFileHandle.

References DESC.

auto LOFImportFileHandle::GetFileUncompressedBytes ( )

Implements ImportFileHandle.

wxInt32 LOFImportFileHandle::GetStreamCount ( )

Implements ImportFileHandle.

const wxArrayString& LOFImportFileHandle::GetStreamInfo ( )

Implements ImportFileHandle.

ProgressResult LOFImportFileHandle::Import ( TrackFactory trackFactory,
TrackHolders outTracks,
Tags tags 
void LOFImportFileHandle::lofOpenFiles ( wxString *  ln)

Processes a single line from a LOF text file, doing whatever is indicated on the line.

This function should just return for lines it cannot deal with, and the caller will continue to the next line of the input file

References _(), callDurationFactor, callScrollOffset, Internat::CompatibleToDouble(), CountNumTracks(), doDurationAndScrollOffset(), AudacityProject::DoImportMIDI(), durationFactor, AudacityProject::GetTracks(), Importer::IsMidi(), mLOFFileName, mProject, AudacityProject::OpenProject(), scrollOffset, AudacityProject::TP_ModifyState(), and windowCalledOnce.

Referenced by Import().

void LOFImportFileHandle::SetStreamUsage ( wxInt32   WXUNUSEDStreamID,
bool   WXUNUSEDUse 

Member Data Documentation

bool LOFImportFileHandle::callDurationFactor { false }
bool LOFImportFileHandle::callScrollOffset { false }
double LOFImportFileHandle::durationFactor { 1 }
wxFileName LOFImportFileHandle::mLOFFileName

The name of the LOF file, which is used to interpret relative paths in it

Referenced by lofOpenFiles().

AudacityProject* LOFImportFileHandle::mProject { GetActiveProject() }
std::unique_ptr<wxTextFile> LOFImportFileHandle::mTextFile

Referenced by Import().

double LOFImportFileHandle::scrollOffset { 0 }
bool LOFImportFileHandle::windowCalledOnce { false }

Referenced by lofOpenFiles().

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