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LibraryPrefs Class Referencefinal

A PrefsPanel used to select manage external libraries like the MP3 and FFmpeg encoding libraries. More...

#include <LibraryPrefs.h>

Inheritance diagram for LibraryPrefs:
PrefsPanel wxTabTraversalWrapper< Base >

Public Member Functions

 LibraryPrefs (wxWindow *parent)
 ~LibraryPrefs ()
bool Commit () override
wxString HelpPageName () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from PrefsPanel
 PrefsPanel (wxWindow *parent, const wxString &title)
virtual ~PrefsPanel ()
virtual void Preview ()
virtual bool ShowsPreviewButton ()
virtual void Cancel ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxTabTraversalWrapper< Base >
template<typename... Args>
 wxTabTraversalWrapper (Args &&...args)
 ~wxTabTraversalWrapper ()

Private Member Functions

void Populate ()
 Creates the dialog and its contents. More...
void PopulateOrExchange (ShuttleGui &S)
void SetMP3VersionText (bool prompt=false)
void SetFFmpegVersionText ()
void OnMP3FindButton (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnMP3DownButton (wxCommandEvent &e)
 Opens help on downloading a suitable MP3 library is. More...
void OnFFmpegFindButton (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnFFmpegDownButton (wxCommandEvent &e)

Private Attributes

wxStaticText * mMP3Version
wxStaticText * mFFmpegVersion

Detailed Description

A PrefsPanel used to select manage external libraries like the MP3 and FFmpeg encoding libraries.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LibraryPrefs::LibraryPrefs ( wxWindow *  parent)
LibraryPrefs::~LibraryPrefs ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool LibraryPrefs::Commit ( )

Implements PrefsPanel.

References eIsSavingToPrefs, and PopulateOrExchange().

wxString LibraryPrefs::HelpPageName ( )

Reimplemented from PrefsPanel.

void LibraryPrefs::OnFFmpegDownButton ( wxCommandEvent &  e)
void LibraryPrefs::OnFFmpegFindButton ( wxCommandEvent &  e)

References _(), and SetFFmpegVersionText().

void LibraryPrefs::OnMP3DownButton ( wxCommandEvent &  e)

Opens help on downloading a suitable MP3 library is.

References HelpSystem::ShowHelp().

void LibraryPrefs::OnMP3FindButton ( wxCommandEvent &  e)

Opens a file-finder dialog so that the user can tell us where the MP3 library is.

References SetMP3VersionText().

void LibraryPrefs::Populate ( )

Creates the dialog and its contents.

References eIsCreatingFromPrefs, PopulateOrExchange(), SetFFmpegVersionText(), and SetMP3VersionText().

void LibraryPrefs::PopulateOrExchange ( ShuttleGui S)

This PopulateOrExchange function is a good example of mixing the fully automatic style of reading/writing from GUI to prefs with the partial form.

You'll notice that some of the Tie functions have Prefs identifiers in them and others don't.

References _(), ShuttleGuiBase::AddButton(), ShuttleGuiBase::AddVariableText(), ShuttleGuiBase::EndStatic(), ShuttleGuiBase::EndTwoColumn(), ShuttleGui::Id(), ID_FFMPEG_DOWN_BUTTON, ID_FFMPEG_FIND_BUTTON, ID_MP3_DOWN_BUTTON, ID_MP3_FIND_BUTTON, mFFmpegVersion, mMP3Version, ShuttleGuiBase::SetBorder(), ShuttleGuiBase::StartStatic(), ShuttleGuiBase::StartTwoColumn(), and ShuttleGuiBase::TieCheckBox().

Referenced by Commit(), and Populate().

void LibraryPrefs::SetFFmpegVersionText ( )

References GetFFmpegVersion(), and mFFmpegVersion.

Referenced by OnFFmpegFindButton(), and Populate().

void LibraryPrefs::SetMP3VersionText ( bool  prompt = false)

Sets the a text area on the dialog to have the name of the MP3 Library version.

References GetMP3Version(), and mMP3Version.

Referenced by OnMP3FindButton(), and Populate().

Member Data Documentation

wxStaticText* LibraryPrefs::mFFmpegVersion
wxStaticText* LibraryPrefs::mMP3Version

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