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ODDecodeTask Class Referenceabstract

A class representing a modular task to be used with the On-Demand structures. More...

#include <ODDecodeTask.h>

Inheritance diagram for ODDecodeTask:
ODTask ODDecodeFlacTask

Public Member Functions

 ODDecodeTask ()
 Creates a NEW task that decodes files. More...
virtual ~ODDecodeTask ()
virtual bool SeekingAllowed ()
void DemandTrackUpdate (WaveTrack *track, double seconds) override
const char * GetTaskName () override
 Return the task name. More...
const wxChar * GetTip () override
unsigned int GetODType () override
 Subclasses should override to return respective type. More...
virtual ODFileDecoderCreateFileDecoder (const wxString &fileName)=0
 Creates an ODFileDecoder that decodes a file of filetype the subclass handles. More...
virtual ODFileDecoderGetOrCreateMatchingFileDecoder (ODDecodeBlockFile *blockFile)
virtual int GetNumFileDecoders ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ODTask
 ODTask ()
 Constructs an ODTask. More...
virtual ~ODTask ()
virtual movable_ptr< ODTaskClone () const =0
void DoSome (float amountWork=0.0)
void DoAll ()
 Call DoSome until PercentComplete >= 1.0. More...
virtual float PercentComplete ()
 return the amount of the task that has been completed. 0.0 to 1.0 More...
virtual bool UsesCustomWorkUntilPercentage ()
virtual float ComputeNextWorkUntilPercentageComplete ()
virtual bool CanMergeWith (ODTask *otherTask)
virtual void StopUsingWaveTrack (WaveTrack *track)
virtual void ReplaceWaveTrack (WaveTrack *oldTrack, WaveTrack *newTrack)
 Replaces all instances to a wavetrack with a NEW one, effectively transferring the task. More...
void AddWaveTrack (WaveTrack *track)
 Adds a WaveTrack to do the task for. More...
virtual int GetNumWaveTracks ()
virtual WaveTrackGetWaveTrack (int i)
bool IsComplete ()
 return More...
void TerminateAndBlock ()
virtual void Terminate ()
 releases memory that the ODTask owns. Subclasses should override. More...
virtual sampleCount GetDemandSample () const
virtual void SetDemandSample (sampleCount sample)
virtual void RecalculatePercentComplete ()
 does an od update and then recalculates the data. More...
int GetTaskNumber ()
 returns the number of tasks created before this instance. More...
void SetNeedsODUpdate ()
bool GetNeedsODUpdate ()
void ResetNeedsODUpdate ()
virtual bool IsTaskAssociatedWithProject (AudacityProject *proj)
 returns true if the task is associated with the project. More...
bool IsRunning ()

Protected Member Functions

void CalculatePercentComplete () override
 recalculates the percentage complete. More...
void DoSomeInternal () override
 Computes and writes the data for one BlockFile if it still has a refcount. More...
void Update () override
 by default creates the order of the wavetrack to load. More...
void OrderBlockFiles (std::vector< std::weak_ptr< ODDecodeBlockFile > > &unorderedBlocks)
 Orders the input as either On-Demand or default layered order. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ODTask
virtual void ODUpdate ()
void SetIsRunning (bool value)

Protected Attributes

std::vector< std::weak_ptr
< ODDecodeBlockFile > > 
std::vector< movable_ptr
< ODFileDecoder > > 
int mMaxBlockFiles
- Protected Attributes inherited from ODTask
int mTaskNumber
volatile float mPercentComplete
ODLock mPercentCompleteMutex
volatile bool mDoingTask
volatile bool mTaskStarted
volatile bool mTerminate
ODLock mTerminateMutex
ODLock mBlockUntilTerminateMutex
std::vector< WaveTrack * > mWaveTracks
ODLock mWaveTrackMutex
sampleCount mDemandSample
ODLock mDemandSampleMutex
volatile bool mIsRunning
ODLock mIsRunningMutex

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ODTask
enum  {
  eODNone = 0x00000000, eODFLAC = 0x00000001, eODMP3 = 0x00000002, eODFFMPEG = 0x00000004,
  eODPCMSummary = 0x00001000, eODOTHER = 0x10000000
- Public Attributes inherited from ODTask
enum ODTask:: { ... }  ODTypeEnum

Detailed Description

A class representing a modular task to be used with the On-Demand structures.

Decodes a file into a simpleBlockFile, but not immediately.

Decodes files and writes block files in .au format, updating the ODDecodeBlockFile and the GUI of the newly available data.

This is an abstract class that subclasses will have to derive the types from. For any type there should only be one ODDecodeTask associated with a given track. There could be the ODDecodeBlockFiles of several FLACs in one track (after copy and pasting), so things aren't as simple as they seem - the implementation needs to be robust enough to allow all the user changes such as copy/paste, DELETE, and so on.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ODDecodeTask::ODDecodeTask ( )

Creates a NEW task that decodes files.

References mMaxBlockFiles.

virtual ODDecodeTask::~ODDecodeTask ( )

Member Function Documentation

void ODDecodeTask::CalculatePercentComplete ( )

recalculates the percentage complete.

Implements ODTask.

References mBlockFiles, mMaxBlockFiles, ODTask::mPercentComplete, and ODTask::mPercentCompleteMutex.

Referenced by DoSomeInternal().

virtual ODFileDecoder* ODDecodeTask::CreateFileDecoder ( const wxString &  fileName)
pure virtual

Creates an ODFileDecoder that decodes a file of filetype the subclass handles.

Implemented in ODDecodeFlacTask.

Referenced by GetOrCreateMatchingFileDecoder().

void ODDecodeTask::DemandTrackUpdate ( WaveTrack track,
double  seconds 

changes the tasks associated with this Waveform to process the task from a different point in the track this is overridden from ODTask because certain classes don't allow users to seek sometimes, or not at all.

Reimplemented from ODTask.

References ODTask::DemandTrackUpdate(), and SeekingAllowed().

void ODDecodeTask::DoSomeInternal ( )
int ODDecodeTask::GetNumFileDecoders ( )

References mDecoders.

unsigned int ODDecodeTask::GetODType ( )

Subclasses should override to return respective type.

Reimplemented from ODTask.

References ODTask::eODNone.

Referenced by GetOrCreateMatchingFileDecoder(), and Update().

ODFileDecoder * ODDecodeTask::GetOrCreateMatchingFileDecoder ( ODDecodeBlockFile blockFile)

there could be the ODDecodeBlockFiles of several FLACs in one track (after copy and pasting) so we keep a list of decoders that keep track of the file names, etc, and check the blocks against them. Blocks that have IsDataAvailable()==false are blockfiles to be decoded. if BlockFile::GetDecodeType()==ODDecodeTask::GetODType() then this decoder should handle it. Decoders are accessible with the methods below. These aren't thread-safe and should only be called from the decoding thread.

References CreateFileDecoder(), ODDecodeBlockFile::GetAudioFileName(), ODDecodeBlockFile::GetDecodeType(), GetODType(), and mDecoders.

Referenced by DoSomeInternal().

const char* ODDecodeTask::GetTaskName ( )

Return the task name.

Reimplemented from ODTask.

const wxChar* ODDecodeTask::GetTip ( )

Implements ODTask.

References _().

void ODDecodeTask::OrderBlockFiles ( std::vector< std::weak_ptr< ODDecodeBlockFile > > &  unorderedBlocks)

Orders the input as either On-Demand or default layered order.

Referenced by Update().

bool ODDecodeTask::SeekingAllowed ( )

References mDecoders.

Referenced by DemandTrackUpdate().

void ODDecodeTask::Update ( )

by default creates the order of the wavetrack to load.

Readjusts the blockfile order in the default manner. If we have had an ODRequest Then it updates in the OD manner.

Reimplemented from ODTask.

References SeqBlock::f, GetODType(), Sequence::LockDeleteUpdateMutex(), ODTask::mWaveTrackMutex, ODTask::mWaveTracks, OrderBlockFiles(), SeqBlock::start, and Sequence::UnlockDeleteUpdateMutex().

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<std::weak_ptr<ODDecodeBlockFile> > ODDecodeTask::mBlockFiles
int ODDecodeTask::mMaxBlockFiles

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