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PrefsDialog Class Referenceabstract

Dialog that shows the current PrefsPanel in a tabbed divider. More...

#include <PrefsDialog.h>

Inheritance diagram for PrefsDialog:
wxTabTraversalWrapper< Base > GlobalPrefsDialog


struct  PrefsNode

Public Types

typedef std::vector< PrefsNodeFactories

Public Member Functions

 PrefsDialog (wxWindow *parent, const wxString &titlePrefix=_("Preferences: "), Factories &factories=DefaultFactories())
virtual ~PrefsDialog ()
int ShowModal () override
void OnCategoryChange (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnOK (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnCancel (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnPreview (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnHelp (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnTreeKeyDown (wxTreeEvent &e)
void SelectPageByName (const wxString &pageName)
int GetSelectedPage () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxTabTraversalWrapper< Base >
template<typename... Args>
 wxTabTraversalWrapper (Args &&...args)
 ~wxTabTraversalWrapper ()

Static Public Member Functions

static FactoriesDefaultFactories ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual long GetPreferredPage ()=0
virtual void SavePreferredPage ()=0

Private Member Functions

void RecordExpansionState ()
PrefsPanelGetCurrentPanel ()

Private Attributes

wxTreebookmCategories {}
PrefsPanelmUniquePage {}
const wxString mTitlePrefix

Detailed Description

Dialog that shows the current PrefsPanel in a tabbed divider.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<PrefsNode> PrefsDialog::Factories

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PrefsDialog::~PrefsDialog ( )

Member Function Documentation

PrefsDialog::Factories & PrefsDialog::DefaultFactories ( )
PrefsPanel * PrefsDialog::GetCurrentPanel ( )

References mCategories, and mUniquePage.

Referenced by OnHelp(), and OnPreview().

virtual long PrefsDialog::GetPreferredPage ( )
protectedpure virtual

Implemented in GlobalPrefsDialog.

Referenced by ShowModal().

int PrefsDialog::GetSelectedPage ( ) const
void PrefsDialog::OnCancel ( wxCommandEvent &  e)
void PrefsDialog::OnCategoryChange ( wxCommandEvent &  e)
void PrefsDialog::OnHelp ( wxCommandEvent &  e)
void PrefsDialog::OnPreview ( wxCommandEvent &  e)
void PrefsDialog::OnTreeKeyDown ( wxTreeEvent &  e)

References OnOK().

void PrefsDialog::RecordExpansionState ( )

References mCategories, and mFactories.

Referenced by OnCancel(), and OnOK().

virtual void PrefsDialog::SavePreferredPage ( )
protectedpure virtual

Implemented in GlobalPrefsDialog.

Referenced by OnOK().

void PrefsDialog::SelectPageByName ( const wxString &  pageName)

References mCategories.

Member Data Documentation

Factories& PrefsDialog::mFactories

Referenced by RecordExpansionState().

const wxString PrefsDialog::mTitlePrefix

Referenced by ShowModal().

PrefsPanel* PrefsDialog::mUniquePage {}

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