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RateMenuTable Class Reference
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PopupMenuTable TranslatableArray< std::vector< PopupMenuTableEntry > >

Static Public Member Functions

static RateMenuTableInstance ()
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static std::unique_ptr< MenuBuildMenu (wxEvtHandler *pParent, PopupMenuTable *pTable, void *pUserData=NULL)

Private Member Functions

 RateMenuTable ()
void InitMenu (Menu *pMenu, void *pUserData) override
void DestroyMenu () override
int IdOfRate (int rate)
 Converts a sampling rate to a wxWidgets menu item id. More...
void SetRate (WaveTrack *pTrack, double rate)
void OnRateChange (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnRateOther (wxCommandEvent &event)

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Additional Inherited Members

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typedef PopupMenuTableEntry Entry
- Public Member Functions inherited from TranslatableArray< std::vector< PopupMenuTableEntry > >
 TranslatableArray ()
 ~TranslatableArray ()
const std::vector
< PopupMenuTableEntry > & 
Get ()
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virtual void Populate ()=0
void Invalidate (wxCommandEvent &evt)
- Protected Attributes inherited from TranslatableArray< std::vector< PopupMenuTableEntry > >
std::vector< PopupMenuTableEntrymContents

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RateMenuTable::RateMenuTable ( )

Member Function Documentation

RateMenuTable::DECLARE_POPUP_MENU ( RateMenuTable  )
void RateMenuTable::DestroyMenu ( )

Implements PopupMenuTable.

References WaveColorMenuTable::mpData.

int RateMenuTable::IdOfRate ( int  rate)

Converts a sampling rate to a wxWidgets menu item id.

References gRates, nRates, OnRate8ID, and OnRateOtherID.

void RateMenuTable::InitMenu ( Menu pMenu,
void *  pUserData 
RateMenuTable & RateMenuTable::Instance ( )
void RateMenuTable::OnRateChange ( wxCommandEvent &  event)

This method handles the selection from the Rate submenu of the track menu, except for "Other" (/see OnRateOther).

References RefreshCode::FixScrollbars, WaveTrack::GetKind(), gRates, WaveColorMenuTable::mpData, OnRate384ID, OnRate8ID, TrackControls::InitMenuData::pTrack, RefreshCode::RefreshAll, TrackControls::InitMenuData::result, and Track::Wave.

void RateMenuTable::SetRate ( WaveTrack pTrack,
double  rate 

Sets the sample rate for a track, and if it is linked to another track, that one as well.

References _(), GetActiveProject(), Track::GetLink(), Track::GetName(), AudacityProject::PushState(), and WaveTrack::SetRate().

Member Data Documentation

TrackControls::InitMenuData* RateMenuTable::mpData

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