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TranscriptionToolBar Class Referencefinal

A kind of ToolBar used to help with analysing voice recordings. More...

#include <TranscriptionToolBar.h>

Inheritance diagram for TranscriptionToolBar:
ToolBar wxTabTraversalWrapper< Base >

Public Member Functions

 TranscriptionToolBar ()
virtual ~TranscriptionToolBar ()
void Create (wxWindow *parent) override
void OnKeyEvent (wxKeyEvent &event)
void OnPlaySpeed (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnSpeedSlider (wxCommandEvent &event)
void Populate () override
void Repaint (wxDC *WXUNUSED(dc)) override
void EnableDisableButtons () override
void UpdatePrefs () override
void OnFocus (wxFocusEvent &event)
void OnCaptureKey (wxCommandEvent &event)
void PlayAtSpeed (bool looped, bool cutPreview)
void ShowPlaySpeedDialog ()
void AdjustPlaySpeed (float adj)
void SetEnabled (bool enabled)
void SetPlaying (bool down, bool looped, bool cutPreview)
double GetPlaySpeed () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ToolBar
 ToolBar (int type, const wxString &label, const wxString &section, bool resizable=false)
virtual ~ToolBar ()
bool AcceptsFocus () const override
virtual void ReCreateButtons ()
int GetType ()
wxString GetTitle ()
wxString GetLabel ()
wxString GetSection ()
ToolDockGetDock ()
void SetLabel (const wxString &label)
void SetDock (ToolDock *dock)
void SetDocked (ToolDock *dock, bool pushed)
virtual bool Expose (bool show=true)
bool IsResizable () const
bool IsVisible () const
bool IsDocked () const
bool IsPositioned ()
void SetVisible (bool bVisible)
void SetPositioned ()
virtual int GetInitialWidth ()
 Resizable toolbars should implement these. More...
virtual int GetMinToolbarWidth ()
virtual wxSize GetDockedSize ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxTabTraversalWrapper< Base >
template<typename... Args>
 wxTabTraversalWrapper (Args &&...args)
 ~wxTabTraversalWrapper ()

Private Member Functions

void InitializeTranscriptionToolBar ()
AButtonAddButton (teBmps eFore, teBmps eDisabled, int id, const wxChar *label)
void MakeAlternateImages (teBmps eFore, teBmps eDisabled, int id, unsigned altIdx)
void GetSamples (const WaveTrack *t, sampleCount *s0, sampleCount *slen)
void SetButton (bool newstate, AButton *button)
void RegenerateTooltips () override

Private Attributes

AButtonmButtons [TTBNumButtons]
wxImage * upImage
wxImage * downImage
wxImage * hiliteImage
double mPlaySpeed
wxBrush mBackgroundBrush
wxPen mBackgroundPen
int mBackgroundWidth
int mBackgroundHeight
std::unique_ptr< TimeTrackmTimeTrack

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ToolBar
using Holder = Destroy_ptr< ToolBar >
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ToolBar
static AButtonMakeButton (wxWindow *parent, teBmps eUp, teBmps eDown, teBmps eHilite, teBmps eDownHi, teBmps eStandardUp, teBmps eStandardDown, teBmps eDisabled, wxWindowID id, wxPoint placement, bool processdownevents, wxSize size)
static void MakeAlternateImages (AButton &button, int idx, teBmps eUp, teBmps eDown, teBmps eHilite, teBmps eDownHi, teBmps eStandardUp, teBmps eStandardDown, teBmps eDisabled, wxSize size)
static void SetButtonToolTip (AButton &button, const std::vector< wxString > &commands)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ToolBar
void SetButton (bool down, AButton *button)
void MakeMacRecoloredImage (teBmps eBmpOut, teBmps eBmpIn)
void MakeRecoloredImage (teBmps eBmpOut, teBmps eBmpIn)
void MakeButtonBackgroundsLarge ()
void MakeButtonBackgroundsSmall ()
wxBoxSizer * GetSizer ()
void Add (wxWindow *window, int proportion=0, int flag=wxALIGN_TOP, int border=0, wxObject *userData=NULL)
void Add (wxSizer *sizer, int proportion=0, int flag=0, int border=0, wxObject *userData=NULL)
void Add (int width, int height, int proportion=0, int flag=0, int border=0, wxObject *userData=NULL)
void AddSpacer (int size=14)
void AddStretchSpacer (int prop=1)
void Detach (wxWindow *window)
void Detach (wxSizer *sizer)
void Updated ()
int GetResizeGrabberWidth ()
 Returns the width in pixels of the resizer element. More...
virtual void Repaint (wxDC *dc)=0
void OnErase (wxEraseEvent &event)
void OnPaint (wxPaintEvent &event)
void OnMouseEvents (wxMouseEvent &event)
- Protected Attributes inherited from ToolBar
wxString mLabel
wxString mSection
int mType

Detailed Description

A kind of ToolBar used to help with analysing voice recordings.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TranscriptionToolBar::TranscriptionToolBar ( )

References mPlaySpeed.

TranscriptionToolBar::~TranscriptionToolBar ( )

Member Function Documentation

AButton * TranscriptionToolBar::AddButton ( teBmps  eFore,
teBmps  eDisabled,
int  id,
const wxChar *  label 

This is a convenience function that allows for button creation in MakeButtons() with fewer arguments Very similar to code in ControlToolBar...

References ToolBar::Add(), ThemeBase::ImageSize(), ToolBar::MakeButton(), mButtons, and theTheme.

Referenced by Populate().

void TranscriptionToolBar::AdjustPlaySpeed ( float  adj)
void TranscriptionToolBar::Create ( wxWindow *  parent)
void TranscriptionToolBar::EnableDisableButtons ( )
double TranscriptionToolBar::GetPlaySpeed ( ) const

References mPlaySpeed.

Referenced by Scrubber::MaybeStartScrubbing().

void TranscriptionToolBar::GetSamples ( const WaveTrack t,
sampleCount *  s0,
sampleCount *  slen 
void TranscriptionToolBar::InitializeTranscriptionToolBar ( )
void TranscriptionToolBar::MakeAlternateImages ( teBmps  eFore,
teBmps  eDisabled,
int  id,
unsigned  altIdx 
void TranscriptionToolBar::OnCaptureKey ( wxCommandEvent &  event)

References mPlaySpeedSlider.

void TranscriptionToolBar::OnFocus ( wxFocusEvent &  event)
void TranscriptionToolBar::OnKeyEvent ( wxKeyEvent &  event)

References gAudioIO, and AudioIO::IsBusy().

void TranscriptionToolBar::OnPlaySpeed ( wxCommandEvent &  event)
void TranscriptionToolBar::OnSpeedSlider ( wxCommandEvent &  event)
void TranscriptionToolBar::RegenerateTooltips ( )
void TranscriptionToolBar::Repaint ( wxDC *  WXUNUSEDdc)
void TranscriptionToolBar::SetButton ( bool  newstate,
AButton button 

References AButton::PopUp(), and AButton::PushDown().

Referenced by PlayAtSpeed().

void TranscriptionToolBar::SetEnabled ( bool  enabled)
void TranscriptionToolBar::SetPlaying ( bool  down,
bool  looped,
bool  cutPreview 
void TranscriptionToolBar::ShowPlaySpeedDialog ( )
void TranscriptionToolBar::UpdatePrefs ( )

Reimplemented from ToolBar.

References _(), RegenerateTooltips(), ToolBar::SetLabel(), and ToolBar::UpdatePrefs().

Referenced by Populate().

Member Data Documentation

wxImage* TranscriptionToolBar::downImage
wxImage* TranscriptionToolBar::hiliteImage
wxBrush TranscriptionToolBar::mBackgroundBrush

Referenced by Create().

int TranscriptionToolBar::mBackgroundHeight

Referenced by Create().

wxPen TranscriptionToolBar::mBackgroundPen

Referenced by Create().

int TranscriptionToolBar::mBackgroundWidth

Referenced by Create().

double TranscriptionToolBar::mPlaySpeed
ASlider* TranscriptionToolBar::mPlaySpeedSlider
ASlider* TranscriptionToolBar::mSensitivitySlider

Referenced by Populate(), and RegenerateTooltips().

std::unique_ptr<TimeTrack> TranscriptionToolBar::mTimeTrack

Referenced by PlayAtSpeed().

wxImage* TranscriptionToolBar::upImage

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