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WaveformSettings Class Reference

Waveform settings, either for one track or as defaults. More...

#include <WaveformSettings.h>


class  Globals

Public Types

enum  ScaleType { stLinear, stLogarithmic, stNumScaleTypes }

Public Member Functions

 WaveformSettings ()
 WaveformSettings (const WaveformSettings &other)
WaveformSettingsoperator= (const WaveformSettings &other)
 ~WaveformSettings ()
bool IsDefault () const
bool Validate (bool quiet)
void LoadPrefs ()
void SavePrefs ()
void Update ()
void ConvertToEnumeratedDBRange ()
void ConvertToActualDBRange ()
void NextLowerDBRange ()
void NextHigherDBRange ()
bool isLinear () const

Static Public Member Functions

static WaveformSettingsdefaults ()
static const wxArrayString & GetScaleNames ()

Public Attributes

ScaleType scaleType
int dBRange

Detailed Description

Waveform settings, either for one track or as defaults.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

WaveformSettings::WaveformSettings ( )

References LoadPrefs().

WaveformSettings::WaveformSettings ( const WaveformSettings other)
WaveformSettings::~WaveformSettings ( )

Member Function Documentation

void WaveformSettings::ConvertToActualDBRange ( )
const wxArrayString & WaveformSettings::GetScaleNames ( )

References _().

Referenced by BEGIN_POPUP_MENU(), and WaveformPrefs::Populate().

bool WaveformSettings::IsDefault ( ) const

References defaults().

void WaveformSettings::LoadPrefs ( )
void WaveformSettings::NextHigherDBRange ( )
void WaveformSettings::NextLowerDBRange ( )
WaveformSettings & WaveformSettings::operator= ( const WaveformSettings other)

References dBRange, and scaleType.

void WaveformSettings::SavePrefs ( )

References dBRange, gPrefs, and scaleType.

Referenced by WaveformPrefs::Commit().

void WaveformSettings::Update ( )

Referenced by LoadPrefs().

bool WaveformSettings::Validate ( bool  quiet)

Member Data Documentation

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