Audacity  2.2.0
AudioIO::ScrubQueue::Entry Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 Entry ()
bool Init (Entry *previous, sampleCount s0, sampleCount s1, sampleCount &duration, const ScrubbingOptions &options)
void InitSilent (const Entry &previous, sampleCount duration)
double GetTime (double rate) const

Public Attributes

sampleCount mS0
sampleCount mS1
sampleCount mGoal
sampleCount mDuration
sampleCount mPlayed

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AudioIO::ScrubQueue::Entry::Entry ( )

Member Function Documentation

double AudioIO::ScrubQueue::Entry::GetTime ( double  rate) const

References mDuration, mPlayed, mS0, and mS1.

Referenced by AudioIO::ScrubQueue::Consumer().

bool AudioIO::ScrubQueue::Entry::Init ( Entry previous,
sampleCount  s0,
sampleCount  s1,
sampleCount &  duration,
const ScrubbingOptions options 
void AudioIO::ScrubQueue::Entry::InitSilent ( const Entry previous,
sampleCount  duration 

References mDuration, mGoal, mPlayed, mS0, and mS1.

Referenced by AudioIO::ScrubQueue::Producer().

Member Data Documentation

sampleCount AudioIO::ScrubQueue::Entry::mDuration
sampleCount AudioIO::ScrubQueue::Entry::mGoal

Referenced by Init(), and InitSilent().

sampleCount AudioIO::ScrubQueue::Entry::mPlayed
sampleCount AudioIO::ScrubQueue::Entry::mS0

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