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DtmfGen.cpp File Reference
#include "DtmfGen.h"
#include "LoadEffects.h"
#include <wx/intl.h>
#include <wx/slider.h>
#include <wx/valgen.h>
#include <wx/valtext.h>
#include <wx/stattext.h>
#include "Prefs.h"
#include "../ShuttleGui.h"
#include "../widgets/NumericTextCtrl.h"
#include "../widgets/valnum.h"
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struct  EffectDtmf::Instance
 Temporary state of the computation. More...
struct  EffectDtmf::Validator


namespace  anonymous_namespace{DtmfGen.cpp}


wxString anonymous_namespace{DtmfGen.cpp}::AllSymbols ()


static const double kFadeInOut = 250.0
static const wxChar * kSymbols []
BuiltinEffectsModule::Registration< EffectDtmfanonymous_namespace{DtmfGen.cpp}::reg

Variable Documentation

◆ kFadeInOut

const double kFadeInOut = 250.0

Definition at line 54 of file DtmfGen.cpp.

Referenced by EffectDtmf::MakeDtmfTone().

◆ kSymbols

const wxChar* kSymbols[]
Initial value:
wxT("0"), wxT("1"), wxT("2"), wxT("3"),
wxT("4"), wxT("5"), wxT("6"), wxT("7"),
wxT("8"), wxT("9"), wxT("*"), wxT("#"),
wxT("A"), wxT("B"), wxT("C"), wxT("D"),
wxT("a"), wxT("b"), wxT("c"), wxT("d"),
wxT("e"), wxT("f"), wxT("g"), wxT("h"),
wxT("i"), wxT("j"), wxT("k"), wxT("l"),
wxT("m"), wxT("n"), wxT("o"), wxT("p"),
wxT("q"), wxT("r"), wxT("s"), wxT("t"),
wxT("u"), wxT("v"), wxT("w"), wxT("x"),
wxT("y"), wxT("z")

Definition at line 56 of file DtmfGen.cpp.

Referenced by anonymous_namespace{DtmfGen.cpp}::AllSymbols(), and EffectDtmf::Validator::PopulateOrExchange().