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ImportQT.h File Reference
#include "ImportForwards.h"

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void GetQTImportPlugin (ImportPluginList &importPluginList, UnusableImportPluginList &unusableImportPluginList)

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void GetQTImportPlugin ( ImportPluginList importPluginList,
UnusableImportPluginList unusableImportPluginList 

Definition at line 40 of file ImportQT.cpp.

References DESC, and exts.

Referenced by Importer::Initialize().

42 {
43  unusableImportPluginList.push_back(
44  std::make_unique<UnusableImportPlugin>
45  (DESC, wxArrayString(WXSIZEOF(exts), exts))
46  );
47 }
#define DESC
Definition: ImportQT.cpp:21
static const wxChar * exts[]
Definition: ImportQT.cpp:23