Audacity  3.0.3
Optional< X > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Optional< X >, including all inherited members.

address()Optional< X >inlineprivate
dOptional< X >
emplace(Args &&... args)Optional< X >inline
has_value() constOptional< X >inline
operator bool() constOptional< X >inlineexplicit
operator*() constOptional< X >inline
operator->() constOptional< X >inline
operator=(const Optional &that)Optional< X >inline
operator=(Optional &&that)Optional< X >inline
Optional()Optional< X >inline
Optional(const Optional &that)Optional< X >inline
Optional(Optional &&that)Optional< X >inline
ppOptional< X >private
reset()Optional< X >inline
storageOptional< X >
value_type typedefOptional< X >
~Optional()Optional< X >inline