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Command.h File Reference

Contains declaration of Command base class. More...

#include <wx/app.h>
#include "../Project.h"
#include "CommandMisc.h"
#include "CommandSignature.h"

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class  CommandExecutionContext
 Represents a context to which a command may be applied. More...
class  Command
 Abstract base class for command interface. It implements Command::SetParameter() and defers all other operations to derived classes. More...
class  DecoratedCommand
 Command which wraps another command. More...
class  ApplyAndSendResponse
 Decorator command that performs the given command and then outputs a status message according to the result. More...
class  CommandImplementation
 is derived from Command. It validates and applies the command. CommandImplementation::Apply() is overloaded in classes derived from it. More...


using CommandHolder = std::shared_ptr< Command >

Detailed Description

Contains declaration of Command base class.

Definition in file Command.h.

Typedef Documentation

using CommandHolder = std::shared_ptr<Command>

Definition at line 83 of file Command.h.