Audacity  2.2.0
AudacityPrintout Class Referencefinal

Derived from wxPrintout, this class helps with printing. More...

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Public Member Functions

 AudacityPrintout (wxString title, TrackList *tracks)
bool OnPrintPage (int page)
bool HasPage (int page)
bool OnBeginDocument (int startPage, int endPage)
void GetPageInfo (int *minPage, int *maxPage, int *selPageFrom, int *selPageTo)

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Derived from wxPrintout, this class helps with printing.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AudacityPrintout::AudacityPrintout ( wxString  title,
TrackList tracks 

Member Function Documentation

void AudacityPrintout::GetPageInfo ( int *  minPage,
int *  maxPage,
int *  selPageFrom,
int *  selPageTo 
bool AudacityPrintout::HasPage ( int  page)
bool AudacityPrintout::OnBeginDocument ( int  startPage,
int  endPage 

Member Data Documentation

TrackList* AudacityPrintout::mTracks

Referenced by OnPrintPage().

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