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ExportPluginHelpers Class Referencefinal

Utility class that provides helper functions for ExportPlugin. More...

#include <ExportPluginHelpers.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static std::unique_ptr< MixerCreateMixer (const TrackList &tracks, bool selectionOnly, double startTime, double stopTime, unsigned numOutChannels, size_t outBufferSize, bool outInterleaved, double outRate, sampleFormat outFormat, MixerOptions::Downmix *mixerSpec)
static ExportResult UpdateProgress (ExportProcessorDelegate &delegate, Mixer &mixer, double t0, double t1)
 Sends progress update to delegate and retrieves state update from it. Typically used inside each export iteration. More...
template<typename T >
static T GetParameterValue (const ExportProcessor::Parameters &parameters, int id, T defaultValue=T())

Detailed Description

Utility class that provides helper functions for ExportPlugin.

Definition at line 31 of file ExportPluginHelpers.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateMixer()

std::unique_ptr< Mixer > ExportPluginHelpers::CreateMixer ( const TrackList tracks,
bool  selectionOnly,
double  startTime,
double  stopTime,
unsigned  numOutChannels,
size_t  outBufferSize,
bool  outInterleaved,
double  outRate,
sampleFormat  outFormat,
MixerOptions::Downmix mixerSpec 

Definition at line 23 of file ExportPluginHelpers.cpp.

30 Mixer::Inputs inputs;
32 for (auto pTrack: ExportUtils::FindExportWaveTracks(tracks, selectionOnly))
33 inputs.emplace_back(
34 StretchingSequence::Create(*pTrack, pTrack->GetClipInterfaces()),
35 GetEffectStages(*pTrack));
36 // MB: the stop time should not be warped, this was a bug.
37 return std::make_unique<Mixer>(move(inputs),
38 // Throw, to stop exporting, if read fails:
39 true,
40 Mixer::WarpOptions{ tracks.GetOwner() },
41 startTime, stopTime,
42 numOutChannels, outBufferSize, outInterleaved,
43 outRate, outFormat,
44 true, mixerSpec,
std::vector< MixerOptions::StageSpecification > GetEffectStages(const WaveTrack &track)
const auto tracks
static TrackIterRange< const WaveTrack > FindExportWaveTracks(const TrackList &tracks, bool selectedOnly)
Definition: ExportUtils.cpp:23
std::vector< Input > Inputs
Definition: Mix.h:45
static std::shared_ptr< StretchingSequence > Create(const PlayableSequence &, const ClipConstHolders &clips)
Immutable structure is an argument to Mixer's constructor.
Definition: MixerOptions.h:56

References StretchingSequence::Create(), ExportUtils::FindExportWaveTracks(), GetEffectStages(), Mixer::MapChannels, Mixer::Mixdown, and tracks.

Referenced by FFmpegExporter::CreateMixer(), CLExportProcessor::Initialize(), FLACExportProcessor::Initialize(), MP2ExportProcessor::Initialize(), MP3ExportProcessor::Initialize(), OGGExportProcessor::Initialize(), OpusExportProcessor::Initialize(), PCMExportProcessor::Initialize(), and WavPackExportProcessor::Initialize().

Here is the call graph for this function:
Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ GetParameterValue()

template<typename T >
static T ExportPluginHelpers::GetParameterValue ( const ExportProcessor::Parameters parameters,
int  id,
defaultValue = T() 

Definition at line 47 of file ExportPluginHelpers.h.

48 {
49 auto it = std::find_if(
50 parameters.begin(),
51 parameters.end(),
52 [=](const auto& t) { return std::get<0>(t) == id; });
53 if(it != parameters.end())
54 {
55 if(auto value = std::get_if<T>(&std::get<1>(*it)))
56 return *value;
57 }
58 return defaultValue;
59 }

Referenced by FFmpegExporter::InitCodecs(), CLExportProcessor::Initialize(), MP2ExportProcessor::Initialize(), MP3ExportProcessor::Initialize(), OGGExportProcessor::Initialize(), and PCMExportProcessor::Initialize().

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◆ UpdateProgress()

ExportResult ExportPluginHelpers::UpdateProgress ( ExportProcessorDelegate delegate,
Mixer mixer,
double  t0,
double  t1 

Sends progress update to delegate and retrieves state update from it. Typically used inside each export iteration.

Definition at line 59 of file ExportPluginHelpers.cpp.

61 delegate.OnProgress(EvalExportProgress(mixer, t0, t1));
62 if(delegate.IsStopped())
64 if(delegate.IsCancelled())
virtual bool IsCancelled() const =0
virtual void OnProgress(double progress)=0
virtual bool IsStopped() const =0
double EvalExportProgress(Mixer &mixer, double t0, double t1)

References Cancelled, anonymous_namespace{ExportPluginHelpers.cpp}::EvalExportProgress(), ExportProcessorDelegate::IsCancelled(), ExportProcessorDelegate::IsStopped(), ExportProcessorDelegate::OnProgress(), Stopped, and Success.

Referenced by CLExportProcessor::Process(), FFmpegExportProcessor::Process(), FLACExportProcessor::Process(), MP2ExportProcessor::Process(), MP3ExportProcessor::Process(), OGGExportProcessor::Process(), OpusExportProcessor::Process(), PCMExportProcessor::Process(), and WavPackExportProcessor::Process().

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

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