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anonymous_namespace{StatefulEffectUIServices.cpp}::DefaultEffectEditor Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 DefaultEffectEditor (const EffectPlugin &plugin, EffectUIServices &services, EffectSettingsAccess &access, wxWindow *pParent=nullptr)
 ~DefaultEffectEditor () override
 Calls Disconnect. More...
bool ValidateUI () override
 Calls mServices.ValidateUI() More...
void Disconnect () override
 On the first call only, may disconnect from further event handling. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from EffectEditor
 EffectEditor (const EffectUIServices &services, EffectSettingsAccess &access)
virtual ~EffectEditor ()
virtual bool ValidateUI ()=0
 Get settings data from the panel; may make error dialogs and return false. More...
virtual bool UpdateUI ()
 Update appearance of the panel for changes in settings. More...
virtual bool IsGraphicalUI ()
virtual void Disconnect ()
 On the first call only, may disconnect from further event handling. More...
virtual void OnClose ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Observer::Publisher< EffectSettingChanged >
 Publisher (ExceptionPolicy *pPolicy=nullptr, Alloc a={})
 Constructor supporting type-erased custom allocation/deletion. More...
 Publisher (Publisher &&)=default
Publisheroperator= (Publisher &&)=default
Subscription Subscribe (Callback callback)
 Connect a callback to the Publisher; later-connected are called earlier. More...
Subscription Subscribe (Object &obj, Return(Object::*callback)(Args...))
 Overload of Subscribe takes an object and pointer-to-member-function. More...

Protected Attributes

const EffectPluginmPlugin
wxWindow * mpParent {}
- Protected Attributes inherited from EffectEditor
const EffectUIServicesmUIServices
bool mUIClosed { false }

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Observer::Publisher< EffectSettingChanged >
using message_type = EffectSettingChanged
using CallbackReturn = std::conditional_t< true, void, bool >
using Callback = std::function< CallbackReturn(const EffectSettingChanged &) >
 Type of functions that can be connected to the Publisher. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from EffectEditor
static bool EnableApply (wxWindow *parent, bool enable=true)
 Enable or disable the Apply button of the dialog that contains parent. More...
static bool EnablePreview (wxWindow *parent, bool enable=true)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from EffectEditor
static constexpr int kPlayID = 20102
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Observer::Publisher< EffectSettingChanged >
static constexpr bool notifies_all
- Protected Member Functions inherited from EffectEditor
template<typename EventTag , typename Class , typename Event >
void BindTo (wxEvtHandler &src, const EventTag &eventType, void(Class::*pmf)(Event &))
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Observer::Publisher< EffectSettingChanged >
CallbackReturn Publish (const EffectSettingChanged &message)
 Send a message to connected callbacks. More...

Detailed Description

Default implementation of EffectEditor invokes ValidateUI method of an EffectUIServices

Definition at line 29 of file StatefulEffectUIServices.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DefaultEffectEditor()

anonymous_namespace{StatefulEffectUIServices.cpp}::DefaultEffectEditor::DefaultEffectEditor ( const EffectPlugin plugin,
EffectUIServices services,
EffectSettingsAccess access,
wxWindow *  pParent = nullptr 
pParentif not null, caller will push an event handler onto this window; then this object is responsible to pop it

Definition at line 52 of file StatefulEffectUIServices.cpp.

◆ ~DefaultEffectEditor()

anonymous_namespace{StatefulEffectUIServices.cpp}::DefaultEffectEditor::~DefaultEffectEditor ( )

Calls Disconnect.

Definition at line 61 of file StatefulEffectUIServices.cpp.

63 Disconnect();
void Disconnect() override
On the first call only, may disconnect from further event handling.

References Disconnect().

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Member Function Documentation

◆ Disconnect()

void anonymous_namespace{StatefulEffectUIServices.cpp}::DefaultEffectEditor::Disconnect ( )

On the first call only, may disconnect from further event handling.

Default implemantation does nothing

Reimplemented from EffectEditor.

Definition at line 76 of file StatefulEffectUIServices.cpp.

78 if (mpParent) {
79 mpParent->PopEventHandler();
80 mpParent = nullptr;
81 }

References mpParent.

Referenced by ~DefaultEffectEditor().

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◆ ValidateUI()

bool anonymous_namespace{StatefulEffectUIServices.cpp}::DefaultEffectEditor::ValidateUI ( )

Calls mServices.ValidateUI()

Implements EffectEditor.

Definition at line 66 of file StatefulEffectUIServices.cpp.

68 bool result {};
71 return nullptr;
72 });
73 return result;
static Settings & settings()
Definition: TrackInfo.cpp:69
const EffectUIServices & mUIServices
Definition: EffectEditor.h:91
EffectSettingsAccess & mAccess
Definition: EffectEditor.h:92
void ModifySettings(Function &&function)
Do a correct read-modify-write of settings.
virtual bool ValidateUI(const EffectPlugin &context, EffectSettings &settings) const =0
Externalized state of a plug-in.

References EffectEditor::mAccess, EffectSettingsAccess::ModifySettings(), mPlugin, EffectEditor::mUIServices, settings(), and EffectUIServices::ValidateUI().

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Member Data Documentation

◆ mPlugin

const EffectPlugin& anonymous_namespace{StatefulEffectUIServices.cpp}::DefaultEffectEditor::mPlugin

Definition at line 48 of file StatefulEffectUIServices.cpp.

Referenced by ValidateUI().

◆ mpParent

wxWindow* anonymous_namespace{StatefulEffectUIServices.cpp}::DefaultEffectEditor::mpParent {}

Definition at line 49 of file StatefulEffectUIServices.cpp.

Referenced by Disconnect().

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