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anonymous_namespace{NoteTrackVZoomHandle.cpp} Namespace Reference


struct  InitMenuData


bool IsDragZooming (int zoomStart, int zoomEnd)

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◆ IsDragZooming()

bool anonymous_namespace{NoteTrackVZoomHandle.cpp}::IsDragZooming ( int  zoomStart,
int  zoomEnd 

Definition at line 42 of file NoteTrackVZoomHandle.cpp.

43 {
44 const int DragThreshold = 3;// Anything over 3 pixels is a drag, else a click.
45 return abs(zoomEnd - zoomStart) > DragThreshold;
46 }
const int DragThreshold
Definition: TrackPanel.h:57

References DragThreshold.

Referenced by WaveChannelVZoomHandle::DoDrag(), WaveChannelVZoomHandle::DoDraw(), NoteTrackVZoomHandle::Drag(), NoteTrackVZoomHandle::Draw(), and NoteTrackVZoomHandle::Release().

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