Audacity 3.2.0
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_LV2_External_UI_Host Struct Reference

#include <lv2_external_ui.h>

Public Attributes

void(* ui_closed )(LV2UI_Controller controller)
const char * plugin_human_id

Detailed Description

On UI instantiation, host must supply LV2_EXTERNAL_UI__Host feature. LV2_Feature::data must be pointer to LV2_External_UI_Host.

Definition at line 74 of file lv2_external_ui.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ plugin_human_id

const char* _LV2_External_UI_Host::plugin_human_id

Optional (may be NULL) "user friendly" identifier which the UI may display to allow a user to easily associate this particular UI instance with the correct plugin instance as it is represented by the host (e.g. "track 1" or "channel 4").

If supplied by host, the string will be referenced only during LV2UI_Descriptor::instantiate()

Definition at line 101 of file lv2_external_ui.h.

◆ ui_closed

void(* _LV2_External_UI_Host::ui_closed) (LV2UI_Controller controller)

Callback that plugin UI will call when UI (GUI window) is closed by user. This callback will be called during execution of LV2_External_UI_Widget::run() (i.e. not from background thread).

After this callback is called, UI is defunct. Host must call LV2UI_Descriptor::cleanup(). If host wants to make the UI visible again, the UI must be reinstantiated.

When using the deprecated URI LV2_EXTERNAL_UI_DEPRECATED_URI, some hosts will not call LV2UI_Descriptor::cleanup() as they should, and may call show() again without re-initialization.
controllerHost context associated with plugin UI, as supplied to LV2UI_Descriptor::instantiate().

Definition at line 90 of file lv2_external_ui.h.

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