Audacity 3.2.0
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AVCodecParameters Struct Reference

#include <ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h>

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Public Attributes

enum AVMediaType codec_type
enum AVCodecID codec_id
uint32_t codec_tag
uint8_t * extradata
int extradata_size
int format
int64_t bit_rate
int bits_per_coded_sample
int bits_per_raw_sample
int profile
int level
int width
int height
AVRational sample_aspect_ratio
enum AVFieldOrder field_order
enum AVColorRange color_range
enum AVColorPrimaries color_primaries
enum AVColorTransferCharacteristic color_trc
enum AVColorSpace color_space
enum AVChromaLocation chroma_location
int video_delay
uint64_t channel_layout
int channels
int sample_rate
int block_align
int frame_size
int initial_padding
int trailing_padding
int seek_preroll
attribute_deprecated uint64_t channel_layout
attribute_deprecated int channels
AVChannelLayout ch_layout
int nb_coded_side_data
AVRational framerate

Detailed Description

Definition at line 3529 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bit_rate

int64_t AVCodecParameters::bit_rate

Definition at line 3543 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ bits_per_coded_sample

int AVCodecParameters::bits_per_coded_sample

Definition at line 3545 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ bits_per_raw_sample

int AVCodecParameters::bits_per_raw_sample

Definition at line 3547 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ block_align

int AVCodecParameters::block_align

Definition at line 3573 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ ch_layout

AVChannelLayout AVCodecParameters::ch_layout

Definition at line 2867 of file ffmpeg-6.0.0-single-header.h.

◆ channel_layout [1/2]

uint64_t AVCodecParameters::channel_layout

Definition at line 3567 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ channel_layout [2/2]

attribute_deprecated uint64_t AVCodecParameters::channel_layout

Definition at line 2850 of file ffmpeg-6.0.0-single-header.h.

◆ channels [1/2]

int AVCodecParameters::channels

Definition at line 3569 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ channels [2/2]

attribute_deprecated int AVCodecParameters::channels

Definition at line 2853 of file ffmpeg-6.0.0-single-header.h.

◆ chroma_location

enum AVChromaLocation AVCodecParameters::chroma_location

Definition at line 3563 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ codec_id

enum AVCodecID AVCodecParameters::codec_id

Definition at line 3533 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ codec_tag

uint32_t AVCodecParameters::codec_tag

Definition at line 3535 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ codec_type

enum AVMediaType AVCodecParameters::codec_type

Definition at line 3531 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ coded_side_data

AVPacketSideData* AVCodecParameters::coded_side_data

Definition at line 3296 of file ffmpeg-7.0.0-single-header.h.

◆ color_primaries

enum AVColorPrimaries AVCodecParameters::color_primaries

Definition at line 3560 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ color_range

enum AVColorRange AVCodecParameters::color_range

Definition at line 3559 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ color_space

enum AVColorSpace AVCodecParameters::color_space

Definition at line 3562 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ color_trc

enum AVColorTransferCharacteristic AVCodecParameters::color_trc

Definition at line 3561 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ extradata

uint8_t * AVCodecParameters::extradata

Definition at line 3537 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ extradata_size

int AVCodecParameters::extradata_size

Definition at line 3539 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ field_order

enum AVFieldOrder AVCodecParameters::field_order

Definition at line 3557 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ format

int AVCodecParameters::format

Definition at line 3541 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ frame_size

int AVCodecParameters::frame_size

Definition at line 3575 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ framerate

AVRational AVCodecParameters::framerate

Definition at line 3316 of file ffmpeg-7.0.0-single-header.h.

◆ height

int AVCodecParameters::height

Definition at line 3553 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ initial_padding

int AVCodecParameters::initial_padding

Definition at line 3577 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ level

int AVCodecParameters::level

Definition at line 3550 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ nb_coded_side_data

int AVCodecParameters::nb_coded_side_data

Definition at line 3298 of file ffmpeg-7.0.0-single-header.h.

◆ profile

int AVCodecParameters::profile

Definition at line 3549 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ sample_aspect_ratio

AVRational AVCodecParameters::sample_aspect_ratio

Definition at line 3555 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ sample_rate

int AVCodecParameters::sample_rate

Definition at line 3571 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ seek_preroll

int AVCodecParameters::seek_preroll

Definition at line 3581 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ trailing_padding

int AVCodecParameters::trailing_padding

Definition at line 3579 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ video_delay

int AVCodecParameters::video_delay

Definition at line 3565 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ width

int AVCodecParameters::width

Definition at line 3552 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

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