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Exporter::RegisteredExportPlugin Struct Reference

#include <Export.h>

Public Member Functions

 RegisteredExportPlugin (const Identifier &id, const ExportPluginFactory &, const Registry::Placement &placement={ wxEmptyString, {} })

Detailed Description

Definition at line 178 of file Export.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RegisteredExportPlugin()

Exporter::RegisteredExportPlugin::RegisteredExportPlugin ( const Identifier id,
const ExportPluginFactory factory,
const Registry::Placement placement = { wxEmptyString, {} } 

Definition at line 310 of file Export.cpp.

315 if ( factory )
316 Registry::RegisterItem( sRegistry(), placement,
317 std::make_unique< ExporterItem >( id, factory ) );
static RegisteredToolbarFactory factory
void RegisterItem(GroupItem &registry, const Placement &placement, BaseItemPtr pItem)
Definition: Registry.cpp:750
static Registry::GroupItem & sRegistry()
Definition: Export.cpp:286

References factory, Registry::RegisterItem(), and anonymous_namespace{Export.cpp}::sRegistry().

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