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anonymous_namespace{MixerBoard.cpp}::Handler Struct Reference
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void OnMixerBoard (const CommandContext &context)

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Definition at line 1532 of file MixerBoard.cpp.

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◆ OnMixerBoard()

void anonymous_namespace{MixerBoard.cpp}::Handler::OnMixerBoard ( const CommandContext context)

Definition at line 1533 of file MixerBoard.cpp.

1534 {
1535 auto &project = context.project;
1537 auto mixerBoardFrame = &GetAttachedWindows(project).Get(sMixerBoardKey);
1538 mixerBoardFrame->Show();
1539 mixerBoardFrame->Raise();
1540 mixerBoardFrame->SetFocus();
1541 }
AUDACITY_DLL_API AttachedWindows & GetAttachedWindows(AudacityProject &project)
Subclass & Get(const RegisteredFactory &key)
Get reference to an attachment, creating on demand if not present, down-cast it to Subclass.
Definition: ClientData.h:309
AudacityProject & project
AttachedWindows::RegisteredFactory sMixerBoardKey

References ClientData::Site< Host, ClientData, ObjectCopyingPolicy, Pointer, ObjectLockingPolicy, RegistryLockingPolicy >::Get(), GetAttachedWindows(), CommandContext::project, and anonymous_namespace{MixerBoard.cpp}::sMixerBoardKey.

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