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EffectClientInterface Class Referenceabstract

EffectClientInterface provides the ident interface to Effect, and is what makes Effect into a plug-in command. It has functions for realtime that are not part of AudacityCommand. More...

#include <EffectInterface.h>

Inheritance diagram for EffectClientInterface:
EffectDefinitionInterface ComponentInterface AudioUnitEffect Effect LadspaEffect LV2Effect VSTEffect EffectAmplify EffectAutoDuck EffectBassTreble EffectChangeSpeed EffectClickRemoval EffectDistortion EffectDtmf EffectEcho EffectEqualization EffectFade EffectFindClipping EffectInvert EffectNoise EffectNoiseReduction EffectNormalize EffectPaulstretch EffectPhaser EffectRepair EffectRepeat EffectReverb EffectReverse EffectSBSMS EffectScienFilter EffectSimpleMono EffectStereoToMono EffectToneGen EffectTruncSilence EffectTwoPassSimpleMono EffectWahwah Generator NyquistEffect VampEffect

Public Member Functions

virtual ~EffectClientInterface ()
virtual bool SetHost (EffectHostInterface *host)=0
virtual unsigned GetAudioInCount ()=0
virtual unsigned GetAudioOutCount ()=0
virtual int GetMidiInCount ()=0
virtual int GetMidiOutCount ()=0
virtual void SetSampleRate (double rate)=0
virtual size_t SetBlockSize (size_t maxBlockSize)=0
virtual sampleCount GetLatency ()=0
virtual size_t GetTailSize ()=0
virtual bool IsReady ()=0
virtual bool ProcessInitialize (sampleCount totalLen, ChannelNames chanMap=NULL)=0
virtual bool ProcessFinalize ()=0
virtual size_t ProcessBlock (float **inBlock, float **outBlock, size_t blockLen)=0
virtual bool RealtimeInitialize ()=0
virtual bool RealtimeAddProcessor (unsigned numChannels, float sampleRate)=0
virtual bool RealtimeFinalize ()=0
virtual bool RealtimeSuspend ()=0
virtual bool RealtimeResume ()=0
virtual bool RealtimeProcessStart ()=0
virtual size_t RealtimeProcess (int group, float **inBuf, float **outBuf, size_t numSamples)=0
virtual bool RealtimeProcessEnd ()=0
virtual bool ShowInterface (wxWindow *parent, bool forceModal=false)=0
virtual bool GetAutomationParameters (CommandParameters &parms)=0
virtual bool SetAutomationParameters (CommandParameters &parms)=0
virtual bool LoadUserPreset (const wxString &name)=0
virtual bool SaveUserPreset (const wxString &name)=0
virtual wxArrayString GetFactoryPresets ()=0
virtual bool LoadFactoryPreset (int id)=0
virtual bool LoadFactoryDefaults ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from EffectDefinitionInterface
virtual ~EffectDefinitionInterface ()
virtual EffectType GetType ()=0
virtual EffectType GetClassification ()
virtual ComponentInterfaceSymbol GetFamilyId ()=0
virtual bool IsInteractive ()=0
virtual bool IsDefault ()=0
virtual bool IsLegacy ()=0
virtual bool SupportsRealtime ()=0
virtual bool SupportsAutomation ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from ComponentInterface
virtual ~ComponentInterface ()
virtual wxString GetPath ()=0
virtual ComponentInterfaceSymbol GetSymbol ()=0
virtual ComponentInterfaceSymbol GetVendor ()=0
virtual wxString GetVersion ()=0
virtual wxString GetDescription ()=0
const wxString & GetTranslatedName ()
virtual bool DefineParams (ShuttleParams &WXUNUSED(S))

Detailed Description

EffectClientInterface provides the ident interface to Effect, and is what makes Effect into a plug-in command. It has functions for realtime that are not part of AudacityCommand.

Definition at line 147 of file EffectInterface.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual EffectClientInterface::~EffectClientInterface ( )

Definition at line 150 of file EffectInterface.h.

150 {};

Member Function Documentation

virtual unsigned EffectClientInterface::GetAudioInCount ( )
pure virtual
virtual unsigned EffectClientInterface::GetAudioOutCount ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool EffectClientInterface::GetAutomationParameters ( CommandParameters parms)
pure virtual
virtual wxArrayString EffectClientInterface::GetFactoryPresets ( )
pure virtual
virtual sampleCount EffectClientInterface::GetLatency ( )
pure virtual
virtual int EffectClientInterface::GetMidiInCount ( )
pure virtual
virtual int EffectClientInterface::GetMidiOutCount ( )
pure virtual
virtual size_t EffectClientInterface::GetTailSize ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool EffectClientInterface::IsReady ( )
pure virtual

Implemented in LV2Effect, VSTEffect, Effect, AudioUnitEffect, and LadspaEffect.

Referenced by Effect::IsReady().

virtual bool EffectClientInterface::LoadFactoryDefaults ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool EffectClientInterface::LoadFactoryPreset ( int  id)
pure virtual
virtual bool EffectClientInterface::LoadUserPreset ( const wxString &  name)
pure virtual
virtual size_t EffectClientInterface::ProcessBlock ( float **  inBlock,
float **  outBlock,
size_t  blockLen 
pure virtual
virtual bool EffectClientInterface::ProcessFinalize ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool EffectClientInterface::ProcessInitialize ( sampleCount  totalLen,
ChannelNames  chanMap = NULL 
pure virtual
virtual bool EffectClientInterface::RealtimeAddProcessor ( unsigned  numChannels,
float  sampleRate 
pure virtual
virtual bool EffectClientInterface::RealtimeFinalize ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool EffectClientInterface::RealtimeInitialize ( )
pure virtual
virtual size_t EffectClientInterface::RealtimeProcess ( int  group,
float **  inBuf,
float **  outBuf,
size_t  numSamples 
pure virtual
virtual bool EffectClientInterface::RealtimeProcessEnd ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool EffectClientInterface::RealtimeProcessStart ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool EffectClientInterface::RealtimeResume ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool EffectClientInterface::RealtimeSuspend ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool EffectClientInterface::SaveUserPreset ( const wxString &  name)
pure virtual
virtual bool EffectClientInterface::SetAutomationParameters ( CommandParameters parms)
pure virtual
virtual size_t EffectClientInterface::SetBlockSize ( size_t  maxBlockSize)
pure virtual
virtual bool EffectClientInterface::SetHost ( EffectHostInterface host)
pure virtual

Implemented in LV2Effect, VSTEffect, Effect, AudioUnitEffect, and LadspaEffect.

Referenced by Effect::SetHost().

virtual void EffectClientInterface::SetSampleRate ( double  rate)
pure virtual
virtual bool EffectClientInterface::ShowInterface ( wxWindow *  parent,
bool  forceModal = false 
pure virtual

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