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lv2_external_ui.h File Reference
#include "lv2/"
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struct  _LV2_External_UI_Widget
struct  _LV2_External_UI_Host


#define LV2_EXTERNAL_UI_URI   ""
#define LV2_EXTERNAL_UI__Widget   LV2_EXTERNAL_UI_PREFIX "Widget"
#define LV2_EXTERNAL_UI_RUN(ptr)   (ptr)->run(ptr)
#define LV2_EXTERNAL_UI_SHOW(ptr)   (ptr)->show(ptr)
#define LV2_EXTERNAL_UI_HIDE(ptr)   (ptr)->hide(ptr)


typedef struct _LV2_External_UI_Widget LV2_External_UI_Widget
typedef struct _LV2_External_UI_Host LV2_External_UI_Host

Detailed Description

C header for the LV2 External UI extension

Definition in file lv2_external_ui.h.

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Definition at line 26 of file lv2_external_ui.h.


#define LV2_EXTERNAL_UI__Widget   LV2_EXTERNAL_UI_PREFIX "Widget"

Definition at line 27 of file lv2_external_ui.h.



This extension used to be defined by a URI

Definition at line 30 of file lv2_external_ui.h.


#define LV2_EXTERNAL_UI_HIDE (   ptr)    (ptr)->hide(ptr)

Definition at line 68 of file lv2_external_ui.h.



Definition at line 24 of file lv2_external_ui.h.


#define LV2_EXTERNAL_UI_RUN (   ptr)    (ptr)->run(ptr)

Definition at line 66 of file lv2_external_ui.h.


#define LV2_EXTERNAL_UI_SHOW (   ptr)    (ptr)->show(ptr)

Definition at line 67 of file lv2_external_ui.h.


#define LV2_EXTERNAL_UI_URI   ""

Definition at line 23 of file lv2_external_ui.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ LV2_External_UI_Host

On UI instantiation, host must supply LV2_EXTERNAL_UI__Host feature. LV2_Feature::data must be pointer to LV2_External_UI_Host.

◆ LV2_External_UI_Widget

When LV2_EXTERNAL_UI__Widget UI is instantiated, the returned LV2UI_Widget handle must be cast to pointer to LV2_External_UI_Widget. UI is created in invisible state.