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Journal.h File Reference
#include "Identifier.h"
#include "AudacityException.h"
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class  Journal::SyncException


namespace  Journal
 Facilities for recording and playback of sequences of user interaction.


using Journal::InteractiveAction = std::function< int() >
 Function that returns a value which will be written to the journal. More...


bool Journal::RecordEnabled ()
bool Journal::SetRecordEnabled (bool value)
bool Journal::IsReplaying ()
void Journal::SetInputFileName (const wxString &path)
bool Journal::Begin (const FilePath &dataDir)
wxArrayStringEx Journal::GetTokens ()
bool Journal::Dispatch ()
void Journal::Sync (const wxString &string)
void Journal::Sync (const wxArrayString &strings)
void Journal::Sync (std::initializer_list< const wxString > strings)
int Journal::IfNotPlaying (const wxString &string, const InteractiveAction &action)
 Call action only if not replaying; synchronize on string and int values. More...
int Journal::GetExitCode ()