Audacity  2.3.1
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNClipActionsNamespace for functions for Clip menu
oNEditActionsNamespace for functions for Edit menu
oNExtraActionsNamespace for helper functions for Extra menu
oNFileActionsNamespace for functions for File menu
oNHelpActionsNamespace for functions for Help menu
oNLabelEditActionsNamespace for functions for Edit Label submenu
oNMenuTableNamespace for structures that go into building a menu
oNNavigationActionsNamespace for functions for project navigation menu (part of Extra menu)
oNPluginActionsNamespace for helper functions to do with plug ins
oNRefreshCodeNamespace containing an enum 'what to do on a refresh?'
oNSelectActionsNamespace for functions for Select menu
oNstdSTL namespace
oNToolbarActionsNamespace for functions for View Toolbar menu
oNTrackActionsNamespace for functions for Track menu
oNTrackInfoFunctions for drawing the track control panel, which is shown to the side of a track It has the menus, pan and gain controls displayed in it. So "Info" is somewhat a misnomer. Should possibly be "TrackControls"
oNTrackTyperMetaprogramming in TrackTyper lets track_cast work even when the track subclasses are visible only as incomplete types
oNTransportActionsNamespace for functions for Transport menu
oNViewActionsNamespace for functions for View menu
oC_LADSPA_Descriptor_LADSPA_Descriptor is a structure that provides the API to a LADSPA (Linux Audio Plugin Architecture) Effect
oC_LADSPA_PortRangeHint_LADSPA_PortRangeHint is a structure that gives parameter validation information for a LADSPA (Linux Audio Plugin Architecture) plug in effect
oCAboutDialogThe AboutDialog shows the program version and developer credits
oCAboutDialogCreditItemAboutDialogCreditItem is a structure used by the AboutDialog to hold information about one contributor to Audacity
oCAButtonA wxButton with mouse-over behaviour
oCAColorAColor Manages color brushes and pens
oCADCChangerMakes temporary drawing context changes that you back out of, RAII style
oCAdornedRulerPanelThis is an Audacity Specific ruler panel which additionally has border, selection markers, play marker
oCAEffectVST Effects class, conforming to VST layout
oCAliasBlockFileA BlockFile that refers to data in an existing file
oCAliasedFileAn audio file that is referenced (pointed into) directly from an Audacity .aup file rather thna Audacity having its own copies of the data
oCAliasedFileMissingDialogSpecial case of ErrorDialog for reporting missing alias files
oCAndValidatorParameter must pass both of the supplied validators
oCAppCommandEventAn event 'envelope' for sending Command objects through the wxwidgets event loop
oCApplicableForEntry for the Applicability table
oCApplyAndSendResponseApplyAndSendResponse is a DecoratoredCommand that performs the given command and then outputs a status message according to the result. It manages a CommandContext which is passed into its mCommand, so that result messages are routed back to the right place
oCApplyMacroDialogShows progress in executing commands in MacroCommands
oCArrayOfThis simplifies arrays of arrays, each array separately allocated with NEW[] But it might be better to use std::Array<ArrayOf<X>, N> for some small constant N Or use just one array when sub-arrays have a common size and are not large
oCArraysOfMemory.h template class for making an array of arrays
oCASliderASlider is a custom slider, allowing for a slicker look and feel
oCAStaticBitmapA widget for bitmaps which ignores the erase event for flicker-free use
oCAttachableScrollBarAn AttachableScrollBar is a scroll bar that can be attached to multiple items and so control their scrolling. Uses floats internally, not ints, allowing for (external) control of zooming
oCAUControlWxControl with Cocoa/Carbon support
oCAudacityAppAudacityApp is the 'main' class for Audacity
oCAudacityCommandBase class for command in Audacity
oCAudacityCommandDialogDefault dialog used for commands. Is populated using ShuttleGui
oCAudacityExceptionRoot of a hierarchy of classes that are thrown and caught by Audacity
oCAudacityLoggerAudacityLogger is a thread-safe logger class
oCAudacityMessageDialogWrap wxMessageDialog so that caption IS translatable
oCAudacityPrefsOur own specialisation of wxFileConfig. It is essentially a renaming, though it does provide one new access function. Most of the prefs work is actually done by the InitPreferences() function
oCAudacityPrintoutDerived from wxPrintout, this class helps with printing
oCAudacityProjectAudacityProject provides the main window, with tools and tracks contained within it
oCAudacityTextEntryDialogWrap wxTextEntryDialog so that caption IS translatable
oCAudioIOAudioIO uses the PortAudio library to play and record sound
oCAudioIoCallbackAudioIoCallback is a class that implements the callback required by PortAudio. The callback needs to be responsive, has no GUI, and copies data into and out of the sound card buffers. It also sends data to the meters
oCAudioIOListenerMonitors record play start/stop and new blockfiles. Has callbacks for these events
oCAudioIOStartStreamOptionsStruct holding stream options, including a pointer to the TimeTrack and AudioIOListener and whether the playback is looped
oCAudioThreadDefined different on Mac and other platforms (on Mac it does not use wxWidgets wxThread), this class sits in a thread loop reading and writing audio
oCAudioTrackA Track that can load/save audio data to/from XML
oCAudioUnitEffectAn Effect class that handles a wide range of effects. ??Mac only??
oCauHeaderThe auHeader is a structure used by SimpleBlockFile for .au file format. There probably is an 'official' header file we should include to get its definition, rather than rolling our own
oCauStaticTextLike wxStaticText, except it can be themed. wxStaticText can't be
oCAutoDuckRegionStruct that holds a start and end time
oCAutoRecoveryDialogThe AutoRecoveryDialog prompts the user whether to recover previous Audacity projects that were closed incorrectly
oCAutoRollbackRenamerAutoRollbackRenamer handles the renaming of files which is needed when producing a NEW version of a file which may fail. On failure the old version is put back in place
oCAutoSaveFileClass wrapping reading and writing of arbitrary data in text or binary format to a file
oCAV_DeleterAV_Deleter is part of FFmpeg support. It's used with the RAII idiom
oCAV_Deleter< T, void, Fn >
oCBackedPanelBackedPanel is for a panel that consists of a bitmap with something drawn over it. It supports efficient repainting when the overlays change and recreation of the bitmap when the panel size is changed
oCBackgroundCellClass representing the background of a Track. It provides the hit test function that tells us what was hit
oCBatchEvalCommandGiven a string representing a command, pass it to the MacroCommands system
oCBatchEvalCommandTypeThe <something>CommandType classes are classes which are going away. They all provided a BuildSignature (what parameters they accept) and Name, but that is now replaced by the AudacityCommand interface
oCBatchPrefsA probably unused PrefsPanel that in debug builds could offer a setting used in debugging batch (aka macros) processing
oCBatchPrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one BatchPrefs panel
oCBE_CONFIGBE_CONFIG is a structure defined in the Blade DLL Interface for LAME (MP3 Conversion DLL)
oCBE_VERSIONBE_VERSION is a structure defined in the Blade DLL Interface for LAME (MP3 Conversion DLL)
oCBenchmarkDialogBenchmarkDialog is used for measuring performance and accuracy of the BlockFile system
oCBiquadRepresents a biquad digital filter
oCBlockFileA BlockFile is a chunk of immutable audio data
oCBoolArrayValidatorParameter must be char array of booleans, e.g. "011010001"
oCBoolValidatorParameter must be a boolean
oCBriefCommandMessageTargetBriefCommandMessageTarget is a CommandOutputTarget that provides status in a briefer listing
oCBriefCommandOutputTargetsBriefCommandOutputTargets is a CommandOutputTargets that replaces the status message target with the BriefCommandMessageTarget version
oCBrowserDialogAdds some event handling to an HtmlWindow
oCBuiltinCommandsModuleInternal module to auto register all built in commands. It is closely modelled on BuiltinEffectsModule
oCBuiltinEffectsModuleInternal module to auto register all built in effects
oCBuiltinFormatStringStruct to hold a formatting control string and its user facing name Used in an array to hold the built-in time formats that are always available to the user
oCButtonHandleA UIHandle for a TrackPanel button, such as the Mute and Solo buttons
oCCellularPanelFormerly part of TrackPanel, this abstract base class has no special knowledge of Track objects and is intended for reuse with other windows
oCChoiceEditorModified version of wxGridChoiceEditor using wxChoice instead of wxComboBox
oCCombinedMessageTargetSends messages to two message targets at once
oCCommandBuilderA type of factory for Commands of various sorts
oCCommandContextCommandContext provides addiitonal information to an 'Apply()' command. It provides the project, and provides output channels for Error, Progress and Status. Status is used for general messaging from a command back to its invoker
oCCommandDirectoryAllows registration and lookup (by name) of command types
oCCommandFunctorCommandFunctor is a very small class that works with CommandManager. It holds the callback for one command
oCCommandHandlerContains methods for applying commands that are passed to it
oCCommandImplementationDerived from OldStyleCommand. It validates and applies the command. CommandImplementation::Apply() is overloaded in classes derived from it
oCCommandListList of CommandListEntry
oCCommandListEntryCommandListEntry is a structure used by CommandManager
oCCommandManagerCommandManager implements a system for organizing all user-callable commands
oCCommandMessageTargetInterface for objects that can receive (string) messages from a command
oCCommandMessageTargetDecoratorCommandMessageTargetDecorator is a CommandOutputTarget that forwards its work on to another one. Typically we derive from it to modify some functionality and forward the rest
oCCommandOutputTargetsCommandOutputTargets a mix of three output classes to output progress indication, status messages and errors
oCCommandParametersCommandParameters, derived from wxFileConfig, is essentially doing the same things as the Shuttle classes. It does text <-> binary conversions of parameters. It does not seem to be using actual file read/writing
oCCommandProgressTargetInterface for objects that can receive command progress information
oCCommandSignatureClass that maps parameter names to default values and validators
oCCompareAudioCommandReturns information about the amount of audio that is about a certain threshold of difference in two selected tracks
oCCompatibilityEntryDescribes format-codec compatibility
oCComponentInterfaceComponentInterface provides name / vendor / version functions to identify plugins. It is what makes a class a plug-in. Additionally it provides an optional parameter definitions function, for those components such as commands, effects and (soon) preference pagess that define parameters
oCComponentInterfaceSymbolComponentInterfaceSymbol pairs a persistent string identifier used internally with an optional, different string as msgid for lookup in a translation catalog
oCCompressorPanelPanel used within the EffectCompressor for EffectCompressor
oCConfigClientInterfaceConfigClientInterface is an unholy get/set configuration class, which differentiates between private and shared config. It should probably be replaced with a Shuttle
oCControlToolBarA ToolBar that has the main Transport buttons
oCCrossFaderNot used by Audacity (yet) apparently work in progress that has been abandoned
oCDCUnchangerUsed to restore pen, brush and logical-op in a DC back to what they were
oCDecoratedCommandDecoratedCommand is a decorator for command. It forwards functions to the mCommand it holds
oCDefaultDelayedHandlerActionPerforms the delayed configured action, when invoked
oCDemoCommandAn AudacityCommand that does nothing but provide parameters. It is for development purposes
oCDemoDialogDemoDialog used with DemoCommand
oCDependencyDialogDependencyDialog shows dependencies of an AudacityProject on AliasedFile s
oCDestroyerA deleter class to supply the second template parameter of unique_ptr for classes like wxWindow that should be sent a message called Destroy rather than be deleted directly
oCDeviceManagerA singleton that manages the audio devices known to Audacity
oCDevicePrefsA PrefsPanel used to select recording and playback devices and other settings
oCDevicePrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one DevicePrefs panel
oCDeviceToolBarA toobar to allow easier changing of input and output devices
oCDiagsProcessing of the macros for recording bad events or performance monitoring
oCDigitInfoDigitInfo is a class used in NumericTextCtrl
oCDirectoriesPrefsA PrefsPanel used to select directories
oCDirectoriesPrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one DirectoriesPrefs panel
oCDirManagerCreates and manages BlockFile objects
oCDitherThis class implements various functions for dithering and is derived from the dither code in the Ardour project, written by Steve Harris
oCDoubleValidatorParameter must be a floating-point number
oCDragCommandCommand that sets clip information
oCDropTargetDropTarget, derived from wxFileDropTarget gives drag and drop functionality for audio files
oCEchoDialogEchoDialog used with EffectEcho
oCEditToolBarA ToolBar that has the edit buttons on it
oCEffectBase class for many of the effects in Audacity
oCEffectAmplifyAn Effect that makes a sound louder or softer
oCEffectAutoDuckImplements the Auto Ducking effect
oCEffectBassTrebleA high shelf and low shelf filter
oCEffectChangeSpeedAn Effect that affects both pitch & speed
oCEffectChangeTempoAn EffectSoundTouch provides speeding up or slowing down tempo without changing pitch
oCEffectClickRemovalAn Effect for removing clicks
oCEffectClientInterfaceEffectClientInterface provides the ident interface to Effect, and is what makes Effect into a plug-in command. It has functions for realtime that are not part of AudacityCommand
oCEffectCompressorAn Effect derived from EffectTwoPassSimpleMono
oCEffectDefinitionInterfaceEffectDefinitionInterface is a ComponentInterface that additionally tracks flag-functions for interactivity, play-preview and whether the effect can run without a GUI
oCEffectDialogNew (Jun-2006) base class for effects dialogs. Likely to get greater use in future
oCEffectDistortionA WaveShaper distortion effect
oCEffectDtmfAn effect that generates DTMF tones
oCEffectEchoAn Effect that causes an echo, variable delay and volume
oCEffectEqualizationAn Effect that modifies volume in different frequency bands
oCEffectFadeAn Effect that reduces the volume to zero over achosen interval
oCEffectFindClippingLocates clipping and inserts labels when found
oCEffectHostInterfaceEffectHostInterface is a decorator of a EffectUIClientInterface. It adds virtual (abstract) functions to get presets and actually apply the effect. It uses ConfigClientInterface to add Getters/setters for private and shared configs
oCEffectInvertAn Effect that inverts the selected audio
oCEffectLevellerAn Effect that aims to selectively make softer sounds louder
oCEffectManagerEffectManager is the class that handles effects and effect categories
oCEffectManagerInterfaceUNUSED. EffectManagerInterface provides a single function to find files matching a pattern in a list
oCEffectNoiseAn effect to add white noise
oCEffectNoiseReductionA two-pass effect to reduce background noise
oCEffectNoiseRemovalA two-pass effect to remove background noise
oCEffectNormalizeAn Effect to bring the peak level up to a chosen level
oCEffectPaulstretchAn Extreme Time Stretch and Time Smear effect
oCEffectPhaserAn Effect that changes frequencies in a time varying manner
oCEffectRepairUse the interpolation code to fill in damaged audio. Damage can include pops, clicks, or clipping. As long as the damaged section is short and surrounded by lots of good audio, it is usually quite successful
oCEffectRepeatAn Effect that repeats audio several times over
oCEffectReverbA reverberation effect
oCEffectReverseAn Effect that reverses the selected audio
oCEffectScienFilterAn Effect that applies 'classical' IIR filters
oCEffectScienFilterPanelEffectScienFilterPanel is used with EffectScienFilter and controls a graph for EffectScienFilter
oCEffectSilenceAn effect to add silence
oCEffectSimpleMonoAn abstract Effect class that simplifies the implementation of a basic monaural effect. Inherit from it if your effect just modifies a single track in place and doesn't care how many samples it gets at a time
oCEffectsPrefsA PrefsPanel for general GUI prefernces
oCEffectsPrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one EffectsPrefs panel
oCEffectStereoToMonoAn Effect to convert stereo to mono
oCEffectTimeScaleAn EffectTimeScale does high quality sliding time scaling/pitch shifting
oCEffectToneGenAn Effect that can generate a sine, square or sawtooth wave. An extended mode of EffectToneGen supports 'chirps' where the frequency changes smoothly during the tone
oCEffectTruncSilenceTruncate Silence automatically reduces the length of passages where the volume is below a set threshold level
oCEffectTwoPassSimpleMonoAn Effect base class that implements a two pass process by using EffectSimpleMono
oCEffectUIClientInterfaceEffectUIClientInterface is an abstract base class to populate a UI and validate UI values. It can import and export presets
oCEffectUIHostInterfaceEffectUIHostInterface has nothing in it. It is provided so that an Effect can call SetHostUI passing in a pointer to an EffectUIHostInterface. It contains no functionality and is provided, apparently, for type checking. Since only EffectUIHost uses it, EffectUIHost could be used instead
oCEffectWahwahAn Effect that adds a 'spectral glide'
oCEnumsEnums is a helper class for Shuttle. It defines enumerations which are used in effects dialogs, in the effects themselves and in preferences
oCEnvelopeDraggable curve used in TrackPanel for varying amplification
oCEnvPointEnvPoint, derived from XMLTagHandler, provides Envelope with a draggable point type
oCEQCurveEQCurve is used with EffectEqualization
oCEQPointEQPoint is used with EQCurve and hence EffectEqualization
oCEqualizationPanelEqualizationPanel is used with EqualizationDialog and controls a graph for EffectEqualization. We should look at amalgamating the various graphing code, such as provided by FreqWindow and FilterPanel
oCErrorDialogGives an Error message with an option for help
oCExpandingToolBarA smart ToolBar class that has a "MainPanel" which is always displayed, and an "ExtraPanel" that can be hidden to save space
oCExpandingToolBarEvtHandlerA custom event handler for ExpandingToolBar
oCExportMain class to control the export function
oCExportCommandCommand for exporting audio
oCExportFFmpegControlling class for FFmpeg exporting. Creates the options dialog of the appropriate type, adds tags and invokes the export function
oCExportFFmpegAACOptionsOptions dialog for FFmpeg exporting of AAC format
oCExportFFmpegAC3OptionsAC3 export options dialog
oCExportFFmpegAMRNBOptionsOptions dialog for FFmpeg exporting of AMRNB format
oCExportFFmpegOptionsCustom FFmpeg export dialog
oCExportFFmpegWMAOptionsOptions dialog for FFmpeg exporting of WMA format
oCExportKitA private class used to store the information needed to do an export
oCExportMixerDialogDialog for advanced mixing
oCExportMixerPanelPanel that displays mixing for advanced mixing option
oCExportMultiplePresents a dialog box allowing the user to export multiple files either by exporting each track as a separate file, or by exporting each label as a separate file
oCExportTypeContainer for information about supported export types
oCExposedFormatDescribes export type
oCExtImportPrefsA PrefsPanel used to select extended import filter options
oCExtImportPrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one ExtImportPrefs panel
oCExtTargetFactoryExtended Target Factory with more options
oCFFmpegImportFileHandle! Does acual import, returned by FFmpegImportPlugin::Open
oCFFmpegImportPluginAn ImportPlugin for FFmpeg data
oCFFmpegLibsClass used to dynamically load FFmpeg libraries
oCFileDialogDialog used to present platform specific "Save As" dialog with custom controls
oCFileHistorySimilar to FileHistory, but customized to our needs
oCFileNamesProvides Static functions to yield filenames
oCFileObjectFileObject, derived from wxFileDataObject gives extended drag and drop functionality for audio files
oCFinal_action"finally" as in The C++ Programming Language, 4th ed., p. 358 Useful for defining ad-hoc RAII actions. typical usage: auto cleanup = finally([&]{ ... code; ... });
oCFindClippingDialogFindClippingDialog used with EffectFindClipping
oCFindFFmpegDialogAllows user to locate libav* libraries
oCFLACImportFileHandleAn ImportFileHandle for FLAC data
oCFLACImportPluginAn ImportPlugin for FLAC data
oCFlowPackerPacks rectangular boxes into a rectangle, using simple first fit
oCFormatAbstract base class used in importing a file
oCFormatClassifierFormatClassifier classifies the sample format and endianness of raw audio files
oCFreqPlotWorks with FreqWindow to dsplay a spectrum plot of the waveform. This class actually does the graph display
oCFreqWindowDisplays a spectrum plot of the waveform. Has options for selecting parameters of the plot
oCGeometricInputRateTimeWarperTimeScale - rate varies geometrically with input
oCGeometricOutputRateTimeWarperTimeScale - rate varies geometrically with output
oCGetInfoCommandCommand which outputs a list of available menu commands on the status channel
oCGetPreferenceCommandCommand for getting the value of a preference
oCGetTrackInfoCommandObsolete. GetInfo now does it
oCGrabberThe widget to the left of a ToolBar that allows it to be dragged around to NEW positions
oCGrabberEventGrabber Class
oCGridSupplies an accessible grid based on wxGrid
oCGStreamerImportFileHandle! Does actual import, returned by GStreamerImportPlugin::Open
oCGStreamerImportPluginAn ImportPlugin for GStreamer data
oCGUIPrefsA PrefsPanel for general GUI preferences
oCGUIPrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one GUIPrefs panel
oCGUIProgressTargetSends command progress information to a ProgressDialog
oCHelpCommandCommand to get help about other commands
oCHelpSystemClass which contains static methods and data needed for implementing help buttons
oCHistoryWindowWorks with UndoManager to allow user to see descriptions of and undo previous commands. Also allows you to selectively clear the undo memory so as to free up space
oCHtmlWindowHtmlWindow Class
oCIdentityTimeWarperNo change to time at all
oCImageRollAn ImageRoll is an image that can be expanded to an arbitrary size; it is made up of both fixed pieces and repeating pieces
oCImageRollPanelA wxPanel which displays an ImageRoll
oCImportCommandCommand for importing audio
oCImporterClass which actulaly imports the auido, using functions defined in ImportPCM.cpp, ImportMP3.cpp, ImportOGG.cpp, ImportRawData.cpp, and ImportLOF.cpp
oCImportExportPrefsA PrefsPanel used to select import and export options
oCImportExportPrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one ImportExportPrefs panel
oCImportFileHandleAn ImportFileHandle for data
oCImportPluginBase class for FlacImportPlugin, LOFImportPlugin, MP3ImportPlugin, OggImportPlugin and PCMImportPlugin. Gives API for sound file import
oCImportPluginListAn ImportPlugin list
oCImportRawDialogImportRawDialog prompts you with options such as endianness and sample size to help you importing data of an unknown format
oCInteractiveOutputTargetsInteractiveOutputTargets is an output target that pops up a dialog, if necessary
oCInternatInternationalisation support
oCIntValidatorParameter must be integral
oCInvisiblePanelAn InvisiblePanel is a panel which does not repaint its own background
oCIteratorRangeA convenience for use with range-for
oCKeyConfigPrefsA PrefsPanel for keybindings
oCKeyConfigPrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one KeyConfigPrefs panel
oCKeyViewProvides multiple views of keyboard shortcuts
oCLabelDialogDialog for editing labels
oCLabelStructA LabelStruct holds information for ONE label in a LabelTrack
oCLabelTrackA LabelTrack is a Track that holds labels (LabelStruct)
oCLadspaEffectAn Effect that calls up a LADSPA plug in, i.e. many possible effects from this one class
oCLadspaEffectDialogDialog used with Effect
oClame_global_flagsStruct with zillion of control parameters that control lame export (MP3 Conversion DLL)
oCLangChoiceDialogA dialog used (at start up) to present the user with a choice of languages for Audacity
oCLegacyAliasBlockFileAn AliasBlockFile that references uncompressed data in an existing file
oCLegacyBlockFileAudacity 1.1.0 block file format:
oCLibraryPrefsA PrefsPanel used to select manage external libraries like the MP3 and FFmpeg encoding libraries
oCLibraryPrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one LibraryPrefs panel
oCLinearInputInverseRateTimeWarperTimeScale - inverse rate varies linearly with input
oCLinearInputRateTimeWarperTimeScale - rate varies linearly with input
oCLinearOutputRateTimeWarperTimeScale - rate varies linearly with output
oCLinearTimeWarperLinear scaling, initialised by giving two points on the line
oCLinkingHtmlWindowAn HtmlWindow that handles linked clicked - usually the link will go to our own local copy of the manual, but it could launch a new browser window
oCLispifiedCommandOutputTargetsLispifiedCommandOutputTargets is a CommandOutputTargets that replaces the status message target with the LispyCommandMessageTarget version
oCLispyCommandMessageTargetLispyCommandMessageTarget is a CommandOutputTarget that provides status in a lispy style
oCLOFImportFileHandleAn ImportFileHandle for LOF data
oCLOFImportPluginAn ImportPlugin for LOF data
oCLongMessageDialogLongMessageDialog is a dialog with a Text Window in it to capture the more lengthy output from some commands
oCLWSliderLightweight version of ASlider. In other words it does not have a window permanently associated with it
oCLyricsPanelLyricsPanel is a panel that paints the bouncing ball and the lyrics text
oCMacroCommandDialogProvides a list of configurable commands for use with MacroCommands
oCMacroCommandsMaintains the list of commands for batch/macro processing. See also MacrosWindow and ApplyMacroDialog
oCmad_bitptrStruct in the MPEG library, used for MP3 compression by MP3Exporter
oCmad_decoderStruct in the MPEG library, used for MP3 compression by MP3Exporter
oCmad_frameStruct in the MPEG library, used for MP3 compression by MP3Exporter
oCmad_headerStruct in the MPEG library, used for MP3 compression by MP3Exporter
oCmad_pcmStruct in the MPEG library, used for MP3 compression by MP3Exporter
oCmad_streamStruct in the MPEG library, used for MP3 compression by MP3Exporter
oCmad_synthStruct in the MPEG library, used for MP3 compression by MP3Exporter
oCmad_timer_tStruct in the MPEG library, used for MP3 compression by MP3Exporter
oCMatrixHolds a matrix of doubles and supports arithmetic, subsetting, and matrix inversion. Used by InterpolateAudio
oCMaybeLike a smart pointer, allows for object to not exist (nullptr)
oCMenuBarListList of MenuBarListEntry
oCMenuBarListEntryMenuBarListEntry is a structure used by CommandManager
oCMenuCreatorMenuCreator is responsible for creating the main menu bar
oCMenuManagerMenuManager handles updates to menu state
oCMessageBoxExceptionA subclass of AudacityException whose delayed handler action displays a message box. The message is specified by further subclasses. Not more than one message box will be displayed for each pass through the main event idle loop
oCMessageBoxTargetDisplays messages from a command in an AudacityMessageBox
oCMessageCommandCommand to get a message response. Used for testing, and used internally to create messages for forwarding
oCMessageCommandTypeThe <something>CommandType classes are classes which are going away. They all provided a BuildSignature (what parameters they accept) and Name, but that is now replaced by the AudacityCommand interface
oCMessageDialogTargetMessageDialogTarget is a CommandOutputTarget that sends its status to the LongMessageDialog
oCMeterBarA struct used by MeterPanel to hold the position of one bar
oCMeterPanelMeterPanel is a panel that paints the meter used for monitoring or playback
oCMeterToolBarA ToolBar that holds the VU Meter
oCMeterUpdateMsgMessage used to update the MeterPanel
oCMeterUpdateQueueQueue of MeterUpdateMsg used to feed the MeterPanel
oCMidiIOPrefsA PrefsPanel used to select recording and playback devices and other settings
oCMidiIOPrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one MidiIOPrefs panel
oCMIDIParserUnused class that might someday be used again to read MIDI files into a NoteTrack
oCMixerFunctions for doing the mixdown of the tracks
oCMixerSpecClass used with Mixer
oCMixerToolBarA ToolBar that provides the record and playback volume settings
oCModulePrefsA PrefsPanel to enable/disable certain modules. 'Modules' are dynamically linked libraries that modify Audacity. They are plug-ins with names like mnod-script-pipe that add NEW features
oCModulePrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one ModulePrefs panel
oCMousePrefsA PrefsPanel that presents an interface for user to view the default bindings of mouse buttons to commands
oCMousePrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one MousePrefs panel
oCMP2ExporterClass used to export MP2 files
oCMP3ExporterClass used to export MP3 files
oCMP3ImportFileHandleAn ImportFileHandle for MP3 data
oCMP3ImportPluginAn ImportPlugin for MP3 data
oCMultiDialogA multi purpose dialog, mainly used to show lists of orphaned or damaged block files. It is a good alternative to having a dialog pop up for each problem encountered, since there can be many orphans
oCMultiFormatReaderMultiFormatReader reads raw audio files in different formats and machine endianness representations
oCNoiseRemovalDialogDialog used with EffectNoiseRemoval
oCNoteTrackA Track that is used for Midi notes. (Somewhat old code)
oCNullMessageTargetUsed to ignore a command's message updates
oCNullProgressTargetUsed to ignore a command's progress updates
oCNumericConverterNumericConverter provides the advanced formatting control used in the selection bar of Audacity
oCNumericEditorWxGridCellEditor for the NumericTextCtrl
oCNumericFieldNumericField is a class used in NumericTextCtrl
oCNumericRendererWxGridCellRenderer for the NumericTextCtrl
oCNumericTextCtrlAxNumericTextCtrlAx gives the NumericTextCtrl Accessibility
oCNyqControlA control on a NyquistDialog
oCNyquistEffectAn Effect that calls up a Nyquist (XLISP) plug-in, i.e. many possible effects from this one class
oCNyquistOutputDialogDialog used with NyquistEffect
oCODComputeSummaryTaskA class representing a modular task to be used with the On-Demand structures
oCODDecodeBlockFileAn AliasBlockFile that references uncompressed data in an existing file
oCODDecodeFlacTaskA class representing a modular task to be used with the On-Demand structures
oCODDecodeTaskA class representing a modular task to be used with the On-Demand structures
oCODFileDecoderClass to decode a particular file (one per file). Saves info such as filename and length (after the header is read.)
oCODFlacDecoderClass to decode a particular file (one per file). Saves info such as filename and length (after the header is read.)
oCODManagerA singleton that manages currently running Tasks on an arbitrary number of threads
oCODPCMAliasBlockFileAn AliasBlockFile that references uncompressed data in an existing file
oCODTaskA class representing a modular task to be used with the On-Demand structures
oCODTaskThreadA thread that executes a part of the task specfied by an ODTask
oCODWaveTrackTaskQueueA class representing a modular task to be used with the On-Demand structures
oCOGGImportPluginAn ImportPlugin for OGG data
oCOldStyleCommandAbstract base class for command interface. This is the version created by Dan Horgan. It was previously a factory for other command classes. It created a separation between the type of a command and the command itself, which is being removed. These Cmmands were managed by CommandDirectory
oCOldStyleCommandPointerOldStyleCommandPointer is a unique_ptr to an OldStyleCommand
oCOldStyleCommandTypeBase class for containing data common to all commands of a given type. Also acts as a factory
oCOpenProjectCommandCommand for opening an Audacity project
oCOptionValidatorParameter must be one of the defined options
oCPaulStretchClass that helps EffectPaulStretch. It does the FFTs and inner loop of the effect
oCPCMAliasBlockFileAn AliasBlockFile that references uncompressed data in an existing file
oCPCMImportFileHandleAn ImportFileHandle for PCM data
oCPCMImportPluginAn ImportPlugin for PCM data
oCPlatformCompatibilityFilename Compatibility utilities
oCPlayableTrackAn AudioTrack that can be played and stopped
oCPlaybackPrefsA PrefsPanel used to select playback options
oCPlaybackPrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one PlaybackPrefs panel
oCPluginManagerPluginManager maintains a list of all plug ins. That covers modules, effects, generators, analysis-effects, commands. It also has functions for shared and private configs - which need to move out
oCPrefsDialogDialog that shows the current PrefsPanel in a tabbed divider
oCPrefsPanelBase class for a panel in the PrefsDialog. Classes derived from this class include BatchPrefs, DirectoriesPrefs, GUIPrefs, KeyConfigPrefs, MousePrefs, QualityPrefs, SpectrumPrefs and ThemePrefs
oCPrefsPanelFactoryBase class for factories such as GUIPrefsFactory that produce a PrefsPanel
oCProfilerA simple profiler to measure the average time lengths that a particular task/function takes. Currently not thread-safe and not thread-smart, but it will probably work fine if you use it on a high level
oCProgressDialogProgressDialog Class
oCProgressToMessageTargetProgressToMessageTarget formats the percentage complete text as a message and sends it to that message target
oCProjectsPrefsA PrefsPanel used to select options related to Audacity Project handling
oCProjectsPrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one ProjectPrefs panel
oCQualityPrefsA PrefsPanel used for setting audio quality
oCQualityPrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one QualityPrefs panel
oCQuickFixDialogClass which makes a dialog for displaying quick fixes to common issues
oCRangeValidatorParameter must lie between the two given numbers
oCRecordingPrefsA PrefsPanel used to select recording options
oCRecordingPrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one RecordingPrefs panel
oCRegionStructure to hold region of a wavetrack and a comparison function for sortability
oCRegionTimeWarperNo change before the specified region; during the region, warp according to the given warper; after the region, constant shift so as to match at the end of the warped region
oCRegistrarBase class for registration callback. Audcaity will call providers RegisterNameOfThing() functions with an &Registrar as the argument. RegisterNameOfThing() is then responsible for calling the appropriate callback functions
oCRepeatDialogDialog used with EffectRepeat
oCResampleInterface to libsoxr
oCResponseStores a command response string (and other response data if it becomes necessary)
oCResponseQueueAllow messages to be sent from the main thread to the script thread
oCResponseQueueTargetAdds messages to a response queue (to be sent back to a script)
oCRestoreValueStructure used by ValueRestorer
oCRingBufferHolds streamed audio samples
oCRulerUsed to display a Ruler
oCRulerPanelRulerPanel class allows you to work with a Ruler like any other wxWindow
oCSaveProjectCommandCommand for saving an Audacity project
oCScoreAlignDialogScoreAlignDialog is
oCScreenFrameScreenFrame provides an alternative Gui for ScreenshotCommand. It adds a timer that allows a delay before taking a screenshot, provides lots of one-click buttons, options to resize the screen. It forwards the actual work of doing the commands to the ScreenshotCommand
oCScreenshotCommandImplements a command for capturing various areas of the screen or project window. It's one big if-elseif switch statement with lots of small calculations of rectangles
oCScriptCommandRelayScriptCommandRelay is just a way to move some of the scripting-specific code out of ModuleManager
oCSelectCommandCommand for changing time, frequency and track selection. This class is a little baroque, as it uses the SelectTimeCommand, SelectFrequenciesCommand and SelectTracksCommand, when it could just explicitly code all three
oCSelectedRegionDefines a selected portion of a project
oCSelectFrequenciesCommandCommand for changing the frequency selection
oCSelectionBar(not quite a Toolbar) at foot of screen for setting and viewing the selection range
oCSelectionBarListenerA parent class of SelectionBar, used to forward events to do with changes in the SelectionBar
oCSelectTimeCommandCommand for changing the time selection
oCSelectTracksCommandCommand for changing the selection of tracks
oCSeqBlockData structure containing pointer to a BlockFile and a start time. Element of a BlockArray
oCSequenceA WaveTrack contains WaveClip(s). A WaveClip contains a Sequence. A Sequence is primarily an interface to an array of SeqBlock instances, corresponding to the audio BlockFiles on disk. Contrast with RingBuffer
oCSetClipCommandCommand that sets clip information
oCSetEnvelopeCommandCommand that sets envelope information
oCSetLabelCommandCommand that sets label information
oCSetPreferenceCommandCommand for setting a preference to a given value
oCSetProjectCommandCommand that sets project information
oCSetTrackAudioCommandA SetTrackBase that sets pan, gain, mute and solo
oCSetTrackBaseBase class for the various SetTrackCommand classes. Sbclasses provide the settings that are relevant to them
oCSetTrackCommandA SetTrackBase that combines SetTrackStatusCommand, SetTrackAudioCommand and SetTrackVisualsCommand
oCSetTrackStatusCommandA SetTrackBase that sets name, selected and focus
oCSetTrackVisualsCommandA SetTrackBase that sets appearance of a track
oCShiftTimeWarperBehaves like another, given TimeWarper, except shifted by a fixed amount
oCShuttleMoves data from one place to another, converting it as required
oCShuttleCliDerived from Shuttle, this class exchanges string parameters with a binary representation
oCShuttleDefaultsShuttle that sets parameters to their default values
oCShuttleGetAutomationShuttle that gets parameter values into a string
oCShuttleGetDefinitionShuttle that retrieves a JSON format definition of a command's parameters
oCShuttleGuiDerived from ShuttleGuiBase, an Audacity specific class for shuttling data to and from GUI
oCShuttleGuiBaseBase class for shuttling data to and from a GUI
oCShuttleGuiGetDefinitionShuttle that retrieves a JSON format definition of a command's parameters
oCShuttleParamsShuttle that deals with parameters. This is a base class with lots of virtual functions that do nothing by default
oCShuttlePrefsA kind of Shuttle to exchange data with preferences e.g. the registry
oCShuttleSetAutomationShuttle that sets parameters to a value (from a string)
oCSilentBlockFileA BlockFile containing nothing but silence. Saves disk space
oCSimpleBlockFileA BlockFile that reads and writes uncompressed data using libsndfile
oCSimpleGuardSimpleGuard classes add the second argument of GuardedCall: Frequently useful converter of all exceptions to some failure constant
oCSimpleGuard< bool >SimpleGuard specialization that returns bool, and defines Default
oCSimpleGuard< void >SimpleGuard specialization that returns nothing, and defines Default
oCSimpleMessageBoxExceptionA MessageBoxException that shows a given, unvarying string
oCSliderDialogPop up dialog used with an LWSlider
oCSoundActivatedRecordConfigures sound activated recording
oCSourceOutputStreamHelper class based on wxOutputStream used to get a png file in text format
oCSpecPowerCalculationSpecPowerCalculation is a simple spectral power level meter
oCSpectralSelectionBar(not quite a Toolbar) at foot of screen for setting and viewing the frequency selection range
oCSpectralSelectionBarListenerA class used to forward events to do with changes in the SpectralSelectionBar
oCSpectrogramSettingsSpectrogram settings, either for one track or as defaults
oCSpectrumAnalystUsed for finding the peaks, for snapping to peaks
oCSpectrumPrefsA PrefsPanel for spectrum settings
oCSpectrumPrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one SpectrumPrefs panel
oCSplashDialogThe SplashDialog shows help information for Audacity when Audacity starts up
oCStatusBarTargetDisplays messages from a command in a wxStatusBar
oCStepTimeWarperLike identity but with a jump
oCSubMenuListList of SubMenuListEntry
oCSubMenuListEntrySubMenuListEntry is a structure used by CommandManager
oCSummaryInfoWorks with BlockFile to hold info about max and min and RMS over multiple samples, which in turn allows rapid drawing when zoomed out
oCSyllableUsed in LyricsPanel, a Syllable gives positional information to be used with the bouncing ball effect
oCTagsID3 Tags (for MP3)
oCTagsEditorDerived from ExpandingToolBar, this dialog allows editing of Tags
oCTargetFactoryTargetFactory makes Command output targets. By default, we ignore progress updates but display all other messages directly
oCTaskProfileSimple class to keep track of one task that may be called multiple times
oCThemeBased on ThemeBase, Theme manages image and icon resources
oCThemeBaseTheme management - Image loading and saving
oCThemePrefsA PrefsPanel that configures dynamic loading of Theme icons and colours
oCThemePrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one ThemePrefs panel
oCTimeDialogDialog used to request a time value
oCTimerRecordDialogDialog for Timer Record, i.e., timed or long recording
oCTimeTrackA kind of Track used to 'warp time'
oCTimeWarperTransforms one point in time to another point. For example, a time stretching effect might use one to keep track of what happens to labels and split points in the input
oCTipPanelA wxPopupWindow used to give the numerical value of an LWSlider or ASlider
oCToolBarWorks with ToolManager and ToolDock to provide a dockable window in which buttons can be placed
oCToolBarAreaAn alterantive to ToolBarFrame which can contain an ExpandingToolBar. ToolBarArea is used for a 'docked' ToolBar, ToolBarFrame for a floating one
oCToolBarArrangementSmall class that holds some layout information for an ExpandingToolBar
oCToolBarDialogA dialog based container for ExpandingToolBars providing modal based operations
oCToolBarFrameA miniframe based container for ExpandingToolBars providing modeless presentation
oCToolBarGrabberDraws the grabber for an ExpandingToolBar
oCToolBarResizerWxWindow that provides the resizer for a toolbar on the right hand side. Responsible for drawing the resizer appearance, resizing mouse events and constraining the resizing
oCToolDockA dynamic panel where a ToolBar can be docked
oCToolFrameClass ToolFrame
oCToolManagerClass ToolManager
oCToolsToolBarA kind of ToolBar with Tools on it
oCTrackFundamental data object of Audacity, placed in the TrackPanel. Classes derived form it include the WaveTrack, NoteTrack, LabelTrack and TimeTrack
oCTrackArtistThis class handles the actual rendering of WaveTracks (both waveforms and spectra), NoteTracks, LabelTracks and TimeTracks
oCTrackFactoryUsed to create a WaveTrack, or a LabelTrack.. Implementation of the functions of this class are dispersed through the different Track classes
oCTrackListEventTrackList is a flat linked list of tracks supporting Add, Remove, Clear, and Contains, plus serialization of the list of tracks
oCTrackPanelCoordinates updates and operations on the main part of the screen which contains multiple tracks
oCTrackPanelAxHelper to TrackPanel to give accessibility
oCTrackPanelNodeThe TrackPanel is built up of nodes, subtrees of the CellularPanel's area This class itself has almost nothing in it. Other classes derived from it build up the capabilities
oCTracksBehaviorsPrefsA PrefsPanel for Tracks Behaviors settings
oCTracksBehaviorsPrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one TracksBehaviorsPrefs panel
oCTracksPrefsA PrefsPanel for track display and behavior properties
oCTracksPrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one TracksPrefs panel
oCTranscriptionToolBarA kind of ToolBar used to help with analysing voice recordings
oCUFileHolderFFmpeg structure to hold a file pointer and provide a return value when closing the file
oCUndoManagerWorks with HistoryWindow to provide the Undo functionality
oCUndoStackElemHolds one item with description and time range for the UndoManager
oCUnusableImportPluginUsed in place of a real plug in for plug ins that have not been compiled or are not available in this version of Audacity. Has enough information to identify the file extensions that would be used, but little else
oCUnusableImportPluginListAn UnusableImportPlugin list
oCValidatorA Validator is an object which checks whether a wxVariant satisfies a certain criterion. This is a base validator which allows anything
oCValueRestorerSet a variable temporarily in a scope
oCVectorHolds a matrix of doubles and supports arithmetic operations, including Vector-Matrix operations. Used by InterpolateAudio
oCViewInfoViewInfo is used mainly to hold the zooming, selection and scroll information. It also has some status flags
oCVoiceKeyThis implements a voice key, detecting either the next "ON" or "OFF" point
oCWarningDialogGives a warning message, that can be dismissed, with crucially the ability to not see similar warnings again for this session
oCWarningsPrefsA PrefsPanel to enable/disable certain warning messages
oCWarningsPrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one WarningPrefs panel
oCWaveCacheCache used with WaveClip to cache wave information (for drawing)
oCWaveClipThis allows multiple clips to be a part of one WaveTrack
oCWaveformPrefsA PrefsPanel for spectrum settings
oCWaveformPrefsFactoryA PrefsPanelFactory that creates one WaveformPrefs panel
oCWaveformSettingsWaveform settings, either for one track or as defaults
oCWaveTrackA Track that contains audio waveform data
oCWindowAccessibleAn alternative to using wxWindowAccessible, which in wxWidgets 3.1.1 contained GetParent() which was incorrect
oCWrappedTypeUsed in type conversions, this wrapper for ints, strings, doubles and enums provides conversions between all the types. Functions that work on wrapped types can quickly be reused to work on any of these types. This cuts out a lot of repetitive code
oCwxTreebookA wxTreebook is a class like wxNotebook, but not yet supported by wxWidgets 2.6.3
oCwxTreebookItemDataOne item in a wxTreebook. (I think)
oCXMLFileReaderReads a file and passes the results through an XMLTagHandler
oCXMLFileWriterWrapper to output XML data to files
oCXMLStringWriterWrapper to output XML data to strings
oCXMLTagHandlerThis class is an interface which should be implemented by classes which wish to be able to load and save themselves using XML files
oCXMLValueCheckerXMLValueChecker implements static bool methods for checking input values from XML files
oCXMLWriterBase class for XMLFileWriter and XMLStringWriter that provides the general functionality for creating XML in UTF8 encoding