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JournalOutput.h File Reference

The output stream of the journal system. More...

#include <initializer_list>
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namespace  Journal
 Facilities for recording and playback of sequences of user interaction.


bool Journal::IsRecording ()
bool Journal::OpenOut (const wxString &fullPath)
void Journal::Output (const wxString &string)
void Journal::Output (const wxArrayString &strings)
void Journal::Output (std::initializer_list< const wxString > strings)
void Journal::Comment (const wxString &string)


constexpr auto Journal::SeparatorCharacter = ','
constexpr auto Journal::EscapeCharacter = '\\'
constexpr auto Journal::CommentCharacter = '#'

Detailed Description

The output stream of the journal system.

Audacity: A Digital Audio Editor

Paul Licameli

Definition in file JournalOutput.h.