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Registry.h File Reference
#include "Prefs.h"
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struct  Registry::OrderingHint
struct  Registry::BaseItem
struct  Registry::IndirectItem
 An item that delegates to another held in a shared pointer. More...
struct  Registry::ComputedItem
struct  Registry::SingleItem
struct  Registry::GroupItemBase
 Common abstract base class for items that group other items. More...
struct  Registry::GroupItem< VisitorType >
struct  Registry::Placement
class  Registry::RegisteredItem< Item, RegistryClass >
 Generates classes whose instances register items at construction. More...
class  Registry::Visitor
struct  Registry::OrderingPreferenceInitializer


namespace  Registry


using Registry::BaseItemPtr = std::unique_ptr< BaseItem >
using Registry::BaseItemSharedPtr = std::shared_ptr< BaseItem >
using Registry::BaseItemPtrs = std::vector< BaseItemPtr >


std::unique_ptr< IndirectItem > Registry::Indirect (const BaseItemSharedPtr &ptr)
 A convenience function. More...
void Registry::RegisterItem (GroupItemBase &registry, const Placement &placement, BaseItemPtr pItem)
void Registry::Visit (Visitor &visitor, BaseItem *pTopItem, const GroupItemBase *pRegistry)