Audacity  3.0.3
Bug List
Member GetSubImageWithAlpha (const wxImage &Src, const wxRect &rect)
in wxWidgets, wxImage::GetSubImage should do this itself.
Member ThemeBase::LoadOneThemeComponents (teThemeType id, bool bOkIfNotFound=false)
(wxWidgets) A png may have been saved with alpha, but when you load it, it comes back with a mask instead! (well I guess it is more efficient). Anyway, we want alpha and not a mask, so we call InitAlpha, and that transfers the mask into the alpha channel, and we're done.
Member ThemeBase::SaveOneThemeComponents (teThemeType id)

1 in wxWidgets documentation; wxMkDir returns false if directory didn't exist, even if it successfully creates it. so we create and then test if it exists instead.

2 in wxWidgets documentation; wxMkDir has only one argument under MSW