Audacity  3.0.3
ArraysOf< X > Member List

This is the complete list of members for ArraysOf< X >, including all inherited members.

ArrayOf()ArrayOf< ArrayOf< X > >inline
ArrayOf(Integral count, bool initialize=false)ArrayOf< ArrayOf< X > >inlineexplicit
ArrayOf(const ArrayOf &)=deleteArrayOf< ArrayOf< X > >
ArrayOf(ArrayOf &&that)ArrayOf< ArrayOf< X > >inline
ArraysOf()ArraysOf< X >inline
ArraysOf(Integral N)ArraysOf< X >inlineexplicit
ArraysOf(Integral1 N, Integral2 M, bool initialize=false)ArraysOf< X >inline
ArraysOf(const ArraysOf &)=deleteArraysOf< X >
operator=(ArraysOf &&that)ArraysOf< X >inline
ArrayOf< ArrayOf< X > >::operator=(ArrayOf &&that)ArrayOf< ArrayOf< X > >inline
ArrayOf< ArrayOf< X > >::operator=(std::unique_ptr< ArrayOf< X >[]> &&that)ArrayOf< ArrayOf< X > >inline
reinit(Integral count)ArraysOf< X >inline
reinit(Integral count, bool initialize)ArraysOf< X >inline
reinit(Integral1 countN, Integral2 countM, bool initialize=false)ArraysOf< X >inline