Audacity 3.2.0
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AudioUnitEffectBase.cpp File Reference
#include "AudioUnitEffectBase.h"
#include "AudioUnitInstance.h"
#include "ConfigInterface.h"
#include <wx/ffile.h>
#include <wx/osx/core/private.h>
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#define PRESET_FORMAT   kCFPropertyListBinaryFormat_v1_0
#define PRESET_KEY   wxT("Data")
#define PRESET_LOCAL_PATH   wxT("/Library/Audio/Presets")
#define PRESET_USER_PATH   wxT("~/Library/Audio/Presets")


constexpr auto PresetStr = "_PRESET"

Detailed Description

Audacity: A Digital Audio Editor

Dominic Mazzoni Leland Lucius

Paul Licameli split from AudioUnitEffect

Definition in file AudioUnitEffectBase.cpp.

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#define PRESET_FORMAT   kCFPropertyListBinaryFormat_v1_0

Definition at line 40 of file AudioUnitEffectBase.cpp.


#define PRESET_KEY   wxT("Data")

Definition at line 43 of file AudioUnitEffectBase.cpp.


#define PRESET_LOCAL_PATH   wxT("/Library/Audio/Presets")

Definition at line 46 of file AudioUnitEffectBase.cpp.


#define PRESET_USER_PATH   wxT("~/Library/Audio/Presets")

Definition at line 47 of file AudioUnitEffectBase.cpp.

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constexpr auto PresetStr = "_PRESET"