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FileNames.h File Reference
#include <wx/dir.h>
#include <wx/string.h>
#include "Identifier.h"
#include "Prefs.h"
#include <memory>
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struct  FileNames::FileType




#define PLATFORM_MAX_PATH   260
#define OSFILENAME(X)   ((char *) (const char *)(X).mb_str())


AUDACITY_DLL_API wxString FileNames::FormatWildcard (const FileTypes &fileTypes)
AUDACITY_DLL_API bool FileNames::DoCopyFile (const FilePath &file1, const FilePath &file2, bool overwrite=true)
AUDACITY_DLL_API bool FileNames::HardLinkFile (const FilePath &file1, const FilePath &file2)
AUDACITY_DLL_API wxString FileNames::MkDir (const wxString &Str)
AUDACITY_DLL_API bool FileNames::IsMidi (const FilePath &fName)
AUDACITY_DLL_API const FilePathsFileNames::AudacityPathList ()
 A list of directories that should be searched for Audacity files (plug-ins, help files, etc.). More...
AUDACITY_DLL_API void FileNames::SetAudacityPathList (FilePaths list)
AUDACITY_DLL_API void FileNames::MakeNameUnique (FilePaths &otherNames, wxFileName &newName)
AUDACITY_DLL_API wxString FileNames::LowerCaseAppNameInPath (const wxString &dirIn)
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::DataDir ()
 Audacity user data directory. More...
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::ResourcesDir ()
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::HtmlHelpDir ()
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::HtmlHelpIndexFile (bool quick)
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::LegacyChainDir ()
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::MacroDir ()
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::NRPDir ()
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::NRPFile ()
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::PluginRegistry ()
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::PluginSettings ()
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::BaseDir ()
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::ModulesDir ()
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::PlugInDir ()
 The user plug-in directory (not a system one) More...
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::ThemeDir ()
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::ThemeComponentsDir ()
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::ThemeCachePng ()
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::ThemeCacheAsCee ()
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::ThemeComponent (const wxString &Str)
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::ThemeCacheHtm ()
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::ThemeImageDefsAsCee ()
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::PathFromAddr (void *addr)
AUDACITY_DLL_API bool FileNames::IsPathAvailable (const FilePath &Path)
AUDACITY_DLL_API wxFileNameWrapper FileNames::DefaultToDocumentsFolder (const wxString &preference)
AUDACITY_DLL_API wxString FileNames::PreferenceKey (FileNames::Operation op, FileNames::PathType type)
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::FindDefaultPath (Operation op)
AUDACITY_DLL_API void FileNames::UpdateDefaultPath (Operation op, const FilePath &path)
template<typename F >
FilePath FileNames::WithDefaultPath (Operation op, const FilePath &defaultPath, F function)
AUDACITY_DLL_API FilePath FileNames::SelectFile (Operation op, const TranslatableString &message, const FilePath &default_path, const FilePath &default_filename, const FileExtension &default_extension, const FileTypes &fileTypes, int flags, wxWindow *parent)
AUDACITY_DLL_API void FileNames::AddUniquePathToPathList (const FilePath &path, FilePaths &pathList)
AUDACITY_DLL_API void FileNames::AddMultiPathsToPathList (const wxString &multiPathString, FilePaths &pathList)
AUDACITY_DLL_API void FileNames::FindFilesInPathList (const wxString &pattern, const FilePaths &pathList, FilePaths &results, int flags=wxDIR_FILES)
AUDACITY_DLL_API int FileNames::CompareNoCase (const wxString &first, const wxString &second)
 Protect against Unicode to multi-byte conversion failures on Windows. More...
AUDACITY_DLL_API wxString FileNames::CreateUniqueName (const wxString &prefix, const wxString &suffix=wxEmptyString)
AUDACITY_DLL_API wxString FileNames::UnsavedProjectExtension ()
AUDACITY_DLL_API bool FileNames::IsOnFATFileSystem (const FilePath &path)
AUDACITY_DLL_API wxString FileNames::AbbreviatePath (const wxFileName &fileName)
 Give enough of the path to identify the device. (On Windows, drive letter plus ':') More...

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#define OSFILENAME (   X)    ((char *) (const char *)(X).mb_str())

Definition at line 255 of file FileNames.h.


#define OSINPUT (   X)    OSFILENAME(X)

Definition at line 256 of file FileNames.h.


#define OSOUTPUT (   X)    OSFILENAME(X)

Definition at line 257 of file FileNames.h.


#define PLATFORM_MAX_PATH   260

Definition at line 25 of file FileNames.h.