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HelpSystem.h File Reference
#include <wx/defs.h>
#include "wxPanelWrapper.h"
#include "HelpText.h"
#include "HtmlWindow.h"
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class  HelpSystem
 Class which contains static methods and data needed for implementing help buttons. More...
class  LinkingHtmlWindow
 An HtmlWindow that handles linked clicked - usually the link will go to our own local copy of the manual, but it could launch a new browser window. More...
class  BrowserDialog
 Adds some event handling to an HtmlWindow. More...


WX_INIT_API void OpenInDefaultBrowser (const URLString &link)


WX_INIT_API ChoiceSetting GUIManualLocation

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◆ OpenInDefaultBrowser()

WX_INIT_API void OpenInDefaultBrowser ( const URLString link)

Definition at line 510 of file HelpSystem.cpp.

512 wxURI uri(link.GET());
513 BasicUI::OpenInDefaultBrowser(uri.BuildURI());
const wxString & GET() const
Explicit conversion to wxString, meant to be ugly-looking and demanding of a comment why it's correct...
Definition: Identifier.h:66
bool OpenInDefaultBrowser(const wxString &url)
Open an URL in default browser.
Definition: BasicUI.cpp:246

References Identifier::GET(), and BasicUI::OpenInDefaultBrowser().

Referenced by LinkingHtmlWindow::OnLinkClicked(), and HelpSystem::ShowHelp().

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◆ GUIManualLocation

WX_INIT_API ChoiceSetting GUIManualLocation

Definition at line 574 of file HelpSystem.cpp.

Referenced by HelpSystem::ShowHelp().