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KeyboardCapture.h File Reference
#include <functional>
#include <wx/event.h>
#include "GlobalVariable.h"
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struct  KeyboardCapture::PreFilter
 Pre-filter is called before passing the event to the captured window. More...
struct  KeyboardCapture::PostFilter
 Post-filter is conditionally called after passing the event to the window. More...


namespace  KeyboardCapture


 Custom events. More...
bool KeyboardCapture::IsHandler (const wxWindow *handler)
wxWindow * KeyboardCapture::GetHandler ()
void KeyboardCapture::Capture (wxWindow *handler)
void KeyboardCapture::Release (wxWindow *handler)
void KeyboardCapture::OnFocus (wxWindow &window, wxFocusEvent &event)
 a function useful to implement a focus event handler The window releases the keyboard if the event is for killing focus, otherwise the window captures the keyboard; then refresh the window and skip the event More...

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Custom events.

Type of event that may be sent to a window while it is installed as the handler with KeyboardCapture::Capture; if it does not skip the event, it will receive further events of type wxEVT_KEY_DOWN, and then wxEVT_CHAR (if key-down was not skipped; those further events don't actually come from wxWidgets, but are simulated by Audacity, as translations of the EVT_CHAR_HOOK event); or, wxEVT_KEY_UP (really from wxWidgets).