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LV2Effect.h File Reference
#include <vector>
#include <wx/event.h>
#include <wx/msgqueue.h>
#include <wx/thread.h>
#include <wx/timer.h>
#include "lv2/atom/forge.h"
#include "lv2/data-access/data-access.h"
#include "lv2/log/log.h"
#include "lv2/midi/midi.h"
#include "lv2/options/options.h"
#include "lv2/state/state.h"
#include "lv2/time/time.h"
#include "lv2/uri-map/uri-map.h"
#include "lv2/urid/urid.h"
#include "lv2/worker/worker.h"
#include "lv2/ui/ui.h"
#include <lilv/lilv.h>
#include <suil/suil.h>
#include "../../ShuttleGui.h"
#include "SampleFormat.h"
#include "LoadLV2.h"
#include "NativeWindow.h"
#include "lv2_external_ui.h"
#include "zix/ring.h"
#include <unordered_map>
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class  LV2Port
class  LV2AudioPort
class  LV2AtomPort
class  LV2CVPort
class  LV2ControlPort
class  LV2Effect
class  LV2Wrapper
struct  LV2Wrapper::LV2Work


#define LV2EFFECTS_VERSION   wxT("")
#define NODE(n, u)   static LilvNode *node_##n;
#define URID(n, u)   static LV2_URID urid_##n;


using LV2AudioPortPtr = std::shared_ptr< LV2AudioPort >
using LV2AudioPortArray = std::vector< LV2AudioPortPtr >
using LV2AtomPortPtr = std::shared_ptr< LV2AtomPort >
using LV2AtomPortArray = std::vector< LV2AtomPortPtr >
using LV2CVPortPtr = std::shared_ptr< LV2CVPort >
using LV2CVPortArray = std::vector< LV2CVPortPtr >
using LV2ControlPortPtr = std::shared_ptr< LV2ControlPort >
using LV2ControlPortArray = std::vector< LV2ControlPortPtr >
using URIDMap = std::vector< MallocString<> >


wxString LilvString (const LilvNode *node)
wxString LilvString (LilvNode *node, bool free)

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Definition at line 62 of file LV2Effect.h.


#define LV2EFFECTS_VERSION   wxT("")

Definition at line 59 of file LV2Effect.h.


#define NODE (   n,
)    static LilvNode *node_##n;

Definition at line 441 of file LV2Effect.h.


#define URID (   n,
)    static LV2_URID urid_##n;

Definition at line 446 of file LV2Effect.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ LV2AtomPortArray

using LV2AtomPortArray = std::vector<LV2AtomPortPtr>

Definition at line 145 of file LV2Effect.h.

◆ LV2AtomPortPtr

using LV2AtomPortPtr = std::shared_ptr<LV2AtomPort>

Definition at line 144 of file LV2Effect.h.

◆ LV2AudioPortArray

using LV2AudioPortArray = std::vector<LV2AudioPortPtr>

Definition at line 110 of file LV2Effect.h.

◆ LV2AudioPortPtr

using LV2AudioPortPtr = std::shared_ptr<LV2AudioPort>

Definition at line 109 of file LV2Effect.h.

◆ LV2ControlPortArray

using LV2ControlPortArray = std::vector<LV2ControlPortPtr>

Definition at line 248 of file LV2Effect.h.

◆ LV2ControlPortPtr

using LV2ControlPortPtr = std::shared_ptr<LV2ControlPort>

Definition at line 247 of file LV2Effect.h.

◆ LV2CVPortArray

using LV2CVPortArray = std::vector<LV2CVPortPtr>

Definition at line 174 of file LV2Effect.h.

◆ LV2CVPortPtr

using LV2CVPortPtr = std::shared_ptr<LV2CVPort>

Definition at line 173 of file LV2Effect.h.


using URIDMap = std::vector<MallocString<> >

Definition at line 253 of file LV2Effect.h.

Function Documentation

◆ LilvString() [1/2]

wxString LilvString ( const LilvNode *  node)

Definition at line 572 of file LV2Effect.h.

573 {
574  return wxString::FromUTF8(lilv_node_as_string(node));
575 };

Referenced by LV2EffectsModule::FindPluginPaths(), LV2Effect::GetFactoryPresets(), LV2Effect::GetPath(), LV2Effect::GetSymbol(), LV2Effect::GetVendor(), LilvString(), and LV2Effect::SetHost().

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◆ LilvString() [2/2]

wxString LilvString ( LilvNode *  node,
bool  free 

Definition at line 577 of file LV2Effect.h.

578 {
579  wxString str = LilvString(node);
580  if (free)
581  {
582  lilv_node_free(node);
583  }
585  return str;
586 };

References LilvString(), and str.

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#define str(a)
Definition: DBConnection.cpp:30
wxString LilvString(const LilvNode *node)
Definition: LV2Effect.h:572