Audacity  2.2.2
LangChoice.h File Reference
#include <wx/string.h>

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wxString ChooseLanguage (wxWindow *parent)

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wxString ChooseLanguage ( wxWindow *  parent)

Definition at line 55 of file LangChoice.cpp.

References _(), and LangChoiceDialog::GetLang().

56 {
57  wxString returnVal;
59  /* i18n-hint: Title on a dialog indicating that this is the first
60  * time Audacity has been run. */
61  LangChoiceDialog dlog(parent, -1, _("Audacity First Run"));
62  dlog.CentreOnParent();
63  dlog.ShowModal();
64  returnVal = dlog.GetLang();
66  return returnVal;
67 }
A dialog used (at start up) to present the user with a choice of languages for Audacity.
Definition: LangChoice.cpp:34
_("Move Track &Down")+wxT("\t")+(GetActiveProject() -> GetCommandManager() ->GetKeyFromName(wxT("TrackMoveDown")).Raw()), OnMoveTrack) POPUP_MENU_ITEM(OnMoveTopID, _("Move Track to &Top")+wxT("\t")+(GetActiveProject() ->GetCommandManager() ->GetKeyFromName(wxT("TrackMoveTop")).Raw()), OnMoveTrack) POPUP_MENU_ITEM(OnMoveBottomID, _("Move Track to &Bottom")+wxT("\t")+(GetActiveProject() ->GetCommandManager() ->GetKeyFromName(wxT("TrackMoveBottom")).Raw()), OnMoveTrack)#define SET_TRACK_NAME_PLUGIN_SYMBOLclass SetTrackNameCommand:public AudacityCommand