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MacroMagic.h File Reference
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 The index of a bitmap resource in Theme Resources. More...
#define DEFINE_IMAGE(name, initialiser, textual_name)   extern THEME_API teBmps name;
#define DEFINE_COLOUR(name, initialiser, textual_name)   extern THEME_API int name;
#define SET_THEME_FLAGS(flags)


using teBmps = int

Detailed Description

This file allows the same macros to do multiple duty by undefining and redefining the macros.

For example DEFINE_IMAGE will generate:

On three different passes. We control which by defining one of THEME_INITS or THEME_DECLARATIONS or neither of these.

Definition in file MacroMagic.h.

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#define DEFINE_COLOUR (   name,
)    extern THEME_API int name;

Definition at line 61 of file MacroMagic.h.


#define DEFINE_IMAGE (   name,
)    extern THEME_API teBmps name;

Definition at line 60 of file MacroMagic.h.


#define SET_THEME_FLAGS (   flags)

Definition at line 62 of file MacroMagic.h.



The index of a bitmap resource in Theme Resources.

Definition at line 39 of file MacroMagic.h.

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using teBmps = int

Definition at line 31 of file MacroMagic.h.