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MenuRegistry.h File Reference
#include "Callable.h"
#include "MemoryX.h"
#include "CommandFunctors.h"
#include "CommandFlag.h"
#include "Registry.h"
#include <functional>
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struct  MenuRegistry::Options
struct  MenuRegistry::ItemProperties
 A mix-in discovered by dynamic_cast; independent of the Traits. More...
struct  MenuRegistry::detail::VisitorBase
struct  MenuRegistry::Visitor< MenuTraits >
struct  MenuRegistry::Traits
struct  MenuRegistry::MenuItemData
struct  MenuRegistry::MenuItem
struct  MenuRegistry::ConditionalGroupItem
class  MenuRegistry::FinderScope
struct  MenuRegistry::CommandItem
struct  MenuRegistry::CommandGroupItem
struct  MenuRegistry::SpecialItem
struct  MenuRegistry::MenuItems
struct  MenuRegistry::MenuPart
struct  MenuRegistry::ItemRegistry


namespace  MenuRegistry
namespace  MenuRegistry::detail


using CommandParameter = CommandID
using MenuRegistry::CheckFn = std::function< bool(AudacityProject &) >
using MenuRegistry::Condition = std::function< bool()>
using MenuRegistry::AttachedItem = RegisteredItem< ItemRegistry >


template<typename RegistryTraits >
static bool MenuRegistry::IsSection (const GroupItem< RegistryTraits > &item)
MENUS_API void MenuRegistry::Visit (Visitor< Traits > &visitor, AudacityProject &project)



The following, and Registry::Indirect(), are the functions to use directly to specify elements of menu groupings.

constexpr auto MenuRegistry::Items = Callable::UniqueMaker<MenuItems>()
constexpr auto MenuRegistry::Section = Callable::UniqueMaker<MenuPart>()
constexpr auto MenuRegistry::Menu = Callable::UniqueMaker<MenuItem>()
 Items will appear in a main toolbar menu or in a sub-menu. More...
constexpr auto MenuRegistry::ConditionalItems = Callable::UniqueMaker<ConditionalGroupItem>()
constexpr auto MenuRegistry::Command = Callable::UniqueMaker<CommandItem>()
constexpr auto MenuRegistry::CommandGroup

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