Audacity  2.2.2
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OpenSaveCommands.h File Reference
#include "Command.h"
#include "CommandType.h"

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class  OpenProjectCommand
 Command for opening an Audacity project. More...
class  SaveProjectCommand
 Command for saving an Audacity project. More...


#define OPEN_PROJECT_PLUGIN_SYMBOL   IdentInterfaceSymbol{ XO("Open Project2") }
#define SAVE_PROJECT_PLUGIN_SYMBOL   IdentInterfaceSymbol{ XO("Save Project2") }

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#define OPEN_PROJECT_PLUGIN_SYMBOL   IdentInterfaceSymbol{ XO("Open Project2") }

Definition at line 24 of file OpenSaveCommands.h.

Referenced by OpenProjectCommand::GetSymbol().

#define SAVE_PROJECT_PLUGIN_SYMBOL   IdentInterfaceSymbol{ XO("Save Project2") }

Definition at line 44 of file OpenSaveCommands.h.

Referenced by SaveProjectCommand::GetSymbol().