Audacity 3.2.0
commands Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for commands:


file  AppCommandEvent.cpp [code]
 Implements AppCommandEvent.
file  AppCommandEvent.h [code]
 Headers and event table macros for AppCommandEvent.
file  AudacityCommand.cpp [code]
file  AudacityCommand.h [code]
file  BatchEvalCommand.cpp [code]
 Contains definitions for the BatchEvalCommand class.
file  BatchEvalCommand.h [code]
file  Command.cpp [code]
 Contains definitions for Command, DecoratedCommand, ApplyAndSendResponse, and CommandImplementation classes. These are remnants of Dan Horgans external scripting commands. We now use AudacityCommand and a shuttle system. This allows commands to be used from within macros too, to have settings dialogs, using ShuttleGui and without need for validators.
file  Command.h [code]
 Contains declaration of Command base class.
file  CommandBuilder.cpp [code]
 Contains definitions for CommandBuilder class.
file  CommandBuilder.h [code]
 Contains declaration of CommandBuilder class.
file  CommandDirectory.cpp [code]
 A dictionary of supported scripting commands, including functions to look up a command by name.
file  CommandDirectory.h [code]
 Contains declarations for CommandDirectory class.
file  CommandDispatch.cpp [code]
file  CommandDispatch.h [code]
file  CommandHandler.cpp [code]
 Contains definitions for the CommandHandler class.
file  CommandHandler.h [code]
 Contains declarations for the CommandHandler class.
file  CommandManagerWindowClasses.cpp [code]
file  CommandManagerWindowClasses.h [code]
file  CommandMisc.h [code]
file  CommandSignature.cpp [code]
 Definitions for CommandSignature class.
file  CommandSignature.h [code]
 Declaration of CommandSignature class.
file  CommandType.cpp [code]
 Contains definitions for CommandType class.
file  CommandType.h [code]
 Contains declarations for CommandType class.
file  CompareAudioCommand.cpp [code]
 Contains definitions for CompareAudioCommand class.
file  CompareAudioCommand.h [code]
 Contains declaration of CompareAudioCommand and CompareAudioCommandType classes.
file  Demo.cpp [code]
file  Demo.h [code]
file  DragCommand.cpp [code]
 Definitions for DragCommand.
file  DragCommand.h [code]
 Declarations of DragCommand and DragCommandType classes.
file  GetInfoCommand.cpp [code]
 Contains definitions for GetInfoCommand class. This class now lists.
file  GetInfoCommand.h [code]
 Contains declaration of GetInfoCommand class.
file  GetTrackInfoCommand.cpp [code]
 Definitions for GetTrackInfoCommand and GetTrackInfoCommandType classes.
file  GetTrackInfoCommand.h [code]
 Declarations of GetTrackInfoCommand and GetTrackInfoCommandType classes.
file  HelpCommand.cpp [code]
 Definitions for HelpCommand and HelpCommandType classes.
file  HelpCommand.h [code]
file  ImportExportCommands.cpp [code]
 Contains definitions for the ImportCommand and ExportCommand classes.
file  ImportExportCommands.h [code]
file  LoadCommands.cpp [code]
file  LoadCommands.h [code]
file  MessageCommand.cpp [code]
 Definitions for MessageCommand class.
file  MessageCommand.h [code]
 Contains definition of MessageCommand class.
file  OpenSaveCommands.cpp [code]
 Contains definitions for the OpenProjectCommand and SaveProjectCommand classes.
file  OpenSaveCommands.h [code]
file  PreferenceCommands.cpp [code]
 Contains definitions for the GetPreferenceCommand and SetPreferenceCommand classes.
file  PreferenceCommands.h [code]
file  ResponseQueue.cpp [code]
 Contains definitions for the ResponseQueue class.
file  ResponseQueue.h [code]
 Contains declarations for Response and ResponseQueue classes.
file  ScriptCommandRelay.cpp [code]
 Contains definitions for ScriptCommandRelay.
file  ScriptCommandRelay.h [code]
 Contains declarations for ScriptCommandRelay.
file  SelectCommand.cpp [code]
 Definitions for SelectCommand classes.
file  SelectCommand.h [code]
 Declarations for SelectCommand and SelectCommandType classes.
file  SetClipCommand.cpp [code]
 Definitions for SetClipCommand.
file  SetClipCommand.h [code]
 Declarations of SetClipCommand and SetClipCommandType classes.
file  SetEnvelopeCommand.cpp [code]
 Definitions for SetEnvelopeCommand.
file  SetEnvelopeCommand.h [code]
 Declarations of SetEnvelopeCommand class.
file  SetLabelCommand.cpp [code]
 Definitions for SetLabelCommand.
file  SetLabelCommand.h [code]
 Declarations of SetLabelCommand and SetLabelCommandType classes.
file  SetProjectCommand.cpp [code]
 Definitions for SetProjectCommand.
file  SetProjectCommand.h [code]
 Declarations of SetProjectCommand and SetProjectCommandType classes.
file  SetTrackInfoCommand.cpp [code]
file  SetTrackInfoCommand.h [code]
file  Validators.h [code]
 Contains declarations and definitions for Validator, OptionValidator, BoolValidator, DoubleValidator, RangeValidator, IntValidator and AndValidator classes.
file  wxCommandTargets.cpp [code]
 Contains definitions for CommandType class that use wxWidgets.
file  wxCommandTargets.h [code]