Audacity 3.2.0
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PlaybackSchedule.h File Reference
#include "MemoryX.h"
#include "MessageBuffer.h"
#include "Mix.h"
#include "Observer.h"
#include <atomic>
#include <chrono>
#include <vector>
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struct  RecordingSchedule
struct  PlaybackSlice
 Describes an amount of contiguous (but maybe time-warped) data to be extracted from tracks to play. More...
class  PlaybackPolicy
 Directs which parts of tracks to fetch for playback. More...
struct  PlaybackPolicy::BufferTimes
 Times are in seconds. More...
struct  PlaybackSchedule
class  PlaybackSchedule::TimeQueue
 A circular buffer. More...
struct  PlaybackSchedule::TimeQueue::Record
struct  PlaybackSchedule::TimeQueue::Cursor


using PRCrossfadeData = std::vector< std::vector< float > >


constexpr size_t TimeQueueGrainSize = 2000

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◆ PRCrossfadeData

using PRCrossfadeData = std::vector< std::vector < float > >

Definition at line 25 of file PlaybackSchedule.h.

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◆ TimeQueueGrainSize

constexpr size_t TimeQueueGrainSize = 2000