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SampleBlock.h File Reference
#include "SampleFormat.h"
#include <functional>
#include <memory>
#include <unordered_set>
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class  MinMaxRMS
class  SampleBlock
 Abstract class allows access to contents of a block of sound samples, serialization as XML, and reference count management that can suppress reclamation of its storage. More...
class  SampleBlockFactory
 abstract base class with methods to produce SampleBlock objects More...


using SampleBlockPtr = std::shared_ptr< SampleBlock >
using SampleBlockFactoryPtr = std::shared_ptr< SampleBlockFactory >
using SampleBlockFactoryFactory = std::function< SampleBlockFactoryPtr(AudacityProject &) >
using SampleBlockID = long long


std::function< void(const SampleBlock &) > BlockSpaceUsageAccumulator (unsigned long long &total)

Typedef Documentation

◆ SampleBlockFactoryFactory

Definition at line 26 of file SampleBlock.h.

◆ SampleBlockFactoryPtr

using SampleBlockFactoryPtr = std::shared_ptr<SampleBlockFactory>

Definition at line 25 of file SampleBlock.h.

◆ SampleBlockID

using SampleBlockID = long long

Definition at line 29 of file SampleBlock.h.

◆ SampleBlockPtr

using SampleBlockPtr = std::shared_ptr<SampleBlock>

Definition at line 23 of file SampleBlock.h.

Function Documentation

◆ BlockSpaceUsageAccumulator()

std::function< void(const SampleBlock&) > BlockSpaceUsageAccumulator ( unsigned long long &  total)

Definition at line 97 of file SampleBlock.h.

98 {
99  return [&total]( const SampleBlock &block ){
100  total += block.GetSpaceUsage();
101  };
102 };

Referenced by anonymous_namespace{UndoManager.cpp}::CalculateUsage(), ProjectFileIO::GetCurrentUsage(), and ProjectFileIO::ShouldCompact().

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Abstract class allows access to contents of a block of sound samples, serialization as XML,...
Definition: SampleBlock.h:45