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TrackPanelResizerCell.cpp File Reference
#include "TrackPanelResizerCell.h"
#include "AColor.h"
#include "ChannelAttachments.h"
#include "TrackArtist.h"
#include "TrackPanelDrawingContext.h"
#include "TrackPanelResizeHandle.h"
#include "TrackPanelMouseEvent.h"
#include "HitTestResult.h"
#include "ViewInfo.h"
#include "widgets/OverlayPanel.h"
#include <wx/dc.h>
#include <wx/mousestate.h>
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using ResizerCellAttachments = ChannelAttachments< TrackPanelResizerCell >


static const AttachedTrackObjects::RegisteredFactory key

Typedef Documentation

◆ ResizerCellAttachments

Definition at line 107 of file TrackPanelResizerCell.cpp.

Variable Documentation

◆ key

Initial value:
[](Track &track){
return std::make_shared<ResizerCellAttachments>(track,
[](Track &track, size_t iChannel) {
assert(iChannel <= track.NChannels());
return std::make_shared<TrackPanelResizerCell>(
virtual size_t NChannels() const =0
Report the number of channels.
std::shared_ptr< ChannelType > GetChannel(size_t iChannel)
Retrieve a channel, cast to the given type.
Definition: Channel.h:320
Abstract base class for an object holding data associated with points on a time axis.
Definition: Track.h:110

Definition at line 109 of file TrackPanelResizerCell.cpp.

Referenced by TrackPanelResizerCell::GetFromChannelGroup().